QBARS - v23n2 Hardiness Data

Hardiness Data

Even the roughest winters provide an opportunity to the dedicated rhododendron fan. We are all interested in the hardiness of rhododendron species and varieties and wonder how low temperatures can go with no injury to plant or bud. We just hope that they do not go low enough so that we can find out from experience.

The past winter, especially in the Pacific Northwest, has been marked by low temperatures, heavy snows and other unfavorable weather situations. Because of the variation in minimum temperatures sometimes between points not very far apart, there is an unusual opportunity to record damage and tie it to rather definite temperature readings. All of this material will be of great value to the Ratings Committee when it again starts on its periodic reevaluation program. For purpose of recording these bits of information the A. R. S. paper bound book "Rhododendron Notebook" is probably one of the most satisfactory tools in providing a logical and permanent place for such records. If you do not have such a book we think you would be interested in looking at one. In all probability someone in your Chapter will have one at the Chapter meeting. Several Chapters bring in extra copies for the convenience of their members who may wish to purchase one.