QBARS - v24n3 Highlight of the American Rhododendron Society National Convention

A Highlight of the A.R.S. National Convention
Vancouver, B.C., May 15-18, 1970

Mrs. Mary Greig, Vancouver, B.C.

Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC Rhododendron Queen
Fig. 33. Mrs. E. J. Greig (center)
leading a group of enthusiasts
through Stanley Park, Vancouver,
B.C. during the Annual Meeting.
Photo by Clive L. Justice
Fig. 39. Rhododendron Queen
Carolyn Lewis with A.R.S.
President Phetteplace and Vancouver
Chapter President Smith at the
Annual meeting in Vancouver, B.C.

An interested group of some 30 or so members of the A.R.S. assembled in the lobby of the Bayshore Inn at 7 A.M. Saturday morning and walked to Stanley Park where Mary Greig and Alleyn Cook showed the plantings of species and some hybrids from the Greig collection. The magnificent plants of R. rex , R. auriculatum , and R. calophytum , R. forrestii var. repens , R. insigne , R. discolor , and R. decorum were particularly admired. A number of forms of R. augustinii and R. glacum were at their best, as were R. wardii , R. litiense , and some of their hybrids.