QBARS - v26n4 Release of Five Azalea Evergreen Forcing Tetraploid Forms

Release of Five Azalea Evergreen Forcing Tetraploid Forms

The Plant Science Research Division of the Agricultural Research Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture announces the release of five tetraploid forcing type evergreen azaleas. All were produced by colchicine treatment of the commercially-grown diploid forms in the Ornamental Investigations at Beltsville, Maryland. These tetraploid forms were developed to increase the size, the intensity of color, and the substance of the flowers. They are released for use by azalea breeders as tetraploid forms of desired year round types. They retain the characteristics of the original diploid form except as noted above. Some of the plants may not be completely tetraploid so that a rare branch may revert to the original diploid form. As presently constituted all will breed as tetraploids. To distinguish these clones the official names designated couple the word "Tetra" with the original diploid cultivar name.

Tetraploid forms available are:

Official Name Color Flowering Time
'Anytime Tetra' Dark Pink Year-round
'Chimes Tetra' Dk. Red-Semi dble Early
'Hershey Red Tetra' Bright Red Mid-season
'Pink Gloria Tetra' Pink Early to late
'Road Runner Tetra' Deep Pink-Red Mid-season

Plants of these cultivars will be available from commercial growers in 1973. None will be distributed from the Ornamentals Investigations, Beltsville, Maryland.