QBARS - v26n4 R. Cinnabarinum Series

R. Cinnabarinum Series
G. Guy Nearing, Ramsey, N. J.
(Transcribed from Lecture Given to Tappan Zee Chapter)

This evening I am going to talk about the R. Cinnabarinum Series. This is one of the most celebrated groups of rhododendrons, very different from the ordinary rhododendrons. In England where R. cinnabarinum and its close relatives are to be found to be hardy, it is highly prized and they have developed many hybrids comparable in number to those of R. griersonianum and R. griffithianum (not as many as that but a great many). Most of its species and hybrids are awarded three and four stars of merit. Unfortunately, R. cinnabarinum itself is not hardy enough to survive with us in our climate. The entire Series is so tender that we simply haven't anything around us that belongs to it but I am sure that in time it will be possible through hybrids to achieve the same beauty in hybrid forms. This is a slide of R. cinnabarinum taken in the south of England and another from Bodrrant in Wales. The foliage is very shiny and glowing. It belongs to the lepidote rhododendron group and it is more showy I think than any of the other scaly leaved members.

R. 'Lady Berry'
FIG. 88. 'Lady Berry' showing the pendant,
tubular flowers characteristic of
Cinnabarium Series offspring.