QBARS - v26n4 American Rhododendron Society Plant Awards

A. R. S. Plant Awards - 1972
The plant awards program is explained in detail in Vol. 22, No. 1, of the A. R. S. Quarterly Bulletin.
No plants judged for this award.
No plants judged for this award.
'Lydia' - (Antoon Van Welie x Day Dream) Hybridized and introduced by Harold E. Greer.
'Helen Louise' (Fawn x Albatross) Hybridized and introduced by Palmer F. Saunders.
'Meadowbrook ' - (Mrs. C. S. Sargent x Everestianum, pink form) Paul Vossberg. 2¼" frilled flowers in 5" conical truss of 22 florets. Bright pink 57B-C, white blotch, green spots. Plant broad as tall. Late May.
'Parker's Pink' - (Dexter Cross, parentage unknown) Charles Dexter. 3½" flowers in 6" truss of 12 florets. Bright deep pink 63B, paler toward center, deep red blotch 60A. Plant broad as tall. Mid-Late May.
'Scintillation' - (Dexter Cross, parentage unknown) Charles Dexter. 2½" flowers in 6" truss of 15    florets. Luminous pink 67D, center 69C, blotch 151A-152D densely spotted on upper lobe. Plant roader than tall. Mid-Late May.
'Roslyn' - (Purpureum elegans x Everestianum, lavender form) Paul Vossberg. Flowers widely funnel shaped, 2¼" diam., 4" ball truss, 12 florets. Color: Blue 82D paler center 84D. Dark green foliage, compact plant. Late May.
'Wheatley' - (Westbury x Meadowbrook) Howard Phipps. Named and introduced by Paul Vossberg.   3¼" frilled flowers in 6½" truss of 16 florets. Color: Pink 57D shaded 61D, yellow green blotch. Plant broader than tall. Mid-Late May
'Windbeam' - A 'Conestoga' seedling from Gable, grown and named by Guy Nearing. Flowers 1¼", 3" ball truss of 8 florets. Multiple trusses. Color: Pale pink 63D, paler throat. Semi-dwarf plant, very floriferous, excellent foliage. Mid-May.
'GiGi' - A Dexter Cross of unknown parentage. Charles Dexter. Named and introduced by Sidney Burns, Syosset, L.I., N.Y. Open funnel formed, 3 1 /4" flowers in 6" ball truss of 18 florets. Color: Red 57C with darker red 60A spotting on all lobes. Plant broad, dark green 147A elliptic shaped leaves. Late May.
'Mary Fleming' - Cl. ( racemosum x keiskei ) x keiskei (Nearing, 1959) bisque yellow with blotches and streaks of salmon.
Chapter Plant Exhibitor Hybridizer
Eugene Unnamed (augustinii var 'Barto Blue' x 'Blue Bird') Carl Phetteplace Same
Eugene 'Pam' (gymnocarpum x euchaites) Palmer F. Saunders Ray James
Eugene Unnamed ('Idealist' x 'Crest') Carl Phetteplace Same
Portland 'Julie Grothaus' ('Albatross' x 'Golden Belle') Mollie Grothaus Same
Portland Unnamed ('Mrs. Fumival' x 'Evening Glow') Allen Van Veen Same
Seattle 'Seafoam' ('Fabia' - yakusimanum x 'Hello Dolly') E. C. Brockenbrough Same
Seattle Unnamed ( auriculatum x 'Albatross') Kenneth Harms Halfdan Lem
Seattle Unnamed ('Loderi White Diamond' x souliei ) William Whitney Same