QBARS - v27n3 Notes on Dexter Rhododendrons

Notes on Dexter Rhododendrons
Heman Howard, Sandwich, Mass.

The records at Heritage Plantation were checked on the Dexter plants included in the list noted below* and the following information obtained:

*Listed in the April 1973 issue Quarterly Bulletin as having survived the winter of 1972-1973.

Dexter No. 10 - No information available.

Dexter No. 423 - This is not a true Dexter number and since 1967 has been referred to as DE No. 423. This plant has not been found on grounds since 1967.

Dexter No. 974 - (DE No. 974) Heritage No. 73-67. This is a 'Britannia' x 'fortunei No. 8' hybrid with brilliant pink flowers. Old Dexter tag found in 1967 read No. 250 'Britannia' x No. 8. Plant April 1973 is 5' tall, 6' spread, had about 50 percent bud damage last winter.

Dexter No. 976 - (DE No. 976) Heritage No. 247-67, Original Dexter tag was found on plant in 1967 haematodes x fortunei No. 8, Flowers white with pink edge. Plant April 1973 is 6' tall, 12' spread, 15 percent bud damage.

Dexter haematodes x decorum No. 8 - No information available.

Dexters Light Pink - No information available, could be one of many.

Dexter AA 1258-38 - This is an Arnold Arboretum accession number and their record reads "1 plant R. fortunei hybrid No. 16 received from Charles O. Dexter 9/21/38" and was still alive in 1972. This Dexter No. 16 was named 'Sagamore Bayside' by John Wister and Heman Howard in 1972. (See pp. 99, Apr. 1973 Quarterly Bulletin, A. R. S.)

Scintillation - N.Y. No. 1, N.Y.B.G. No. 67. One of the most widely planted of all Dexters.