QBARS - v27n3 Books for the Rhododendron Gardener

Books For The Rhododendron Gardener
Mrs. Richard Kolesar, Bellevue, Wash.

My list of books on rhododendrons and azaleas was published in the Arboretum Bulletin Volume XXXV Number 1, Spring 1972, The University of Washington and since then it has been discovered that the subject is much more vast than ever expected. Now, more than a year later, still more titles have been discovered, some so rare as to be incomplete in this list. Many of the listed books have a bibliography giving additional material not included here.

Because of the quantities of books, each title is listed in only one of the three classifications; Azaleas, Rhododendrons or Plant Explorers.

An increasing awareness of rhododendron and azaleas information has made it necessary to have a book list. The titles preceded by an asterisk (*) are either out-of-print or difficult to obtain except in library collections.


AZALEAS AND CAMELLIAS* by H. Harold Hume; The Macmillan Company, 1931, Reprinted 1936, 1938, Revised 1953.
AZALEA BOOK, THE by Frederick P. Lee; D. Van Nostrand Co., Inc., 1958, Second Edition 1965, American Horticultural Society.
AZALEA HANDBOOK, THE*; American Horticultural Society, 1952. GLENN DALE AZALEA* by B. Y. Morrison; Agriculture Monograph No. 20, U.S. Dept. Agriculture, Washington D. C., Oct. 1953.
GROWING AZALEAS AND RHODODENDRONS; Home and Garden Bulletin No. 71, U.S. Dept, of Agriculture, U.S. Government Printing Office, Revised April 1972. MONOGRAPH OF AZALEA,* by Ernest Henry Wilson and Alfred Rehder; Arnold Arboretum No. 9, April 15, 1921.
WINTER HARDY AZALEAS AND RHODODENDRONS*; The Massachusetts Horticultural Society, Boston, 1954.


FARRER'S LAST JOURNEY, Upper Burma 1919-20 * by E. H. M. Cox; Dulau & Co. Ltd., London, 1926. PLANT HUNTING IN CHINA, A History of Botanical Exploration in China and The Tibetan Marches* by E. H. M. Cox; Oldbourne, London, 1945.
GEORGE FORREST JOURNEYS AND PLANT INTRODUCTIONS* by Dr. J. Macqueen Cowan; The Royal Horticultural Society, Oxford University Press, Nov. 1952.
ON THE EVES OF THE WORLD* by Reginald Farrer; Edward Arnold & Co., London, 1922, Volume 1 1926, Volume 11 1926.
RAINBOW BRIDGE, THE* by Reginald Farrer; Edward Arnold & Co., London, 1922.
Frank Kingdon-Ward
LAND OF THE BLUE POPPY, THE by Frank Kingdon-Ward; 1913.
IN FARTHEST BURMA* by Frank Kingdon-Ward, 1921.
MYSTERY RIVERS OF TIBET, THE* by Frank Kingdon-Ward, 1923.
FROM CHINA TO HKAMTI LONG by Captain F. Kingdon-Ward; Edward Arnold & Co., London, 1924.
ROMANCE OF PLANT HUNTING, THE* by F. Kingdon-Ward; 1924.
RIDDLE OF THE TSANGPO, THE by Frank Kingdon-Ward; 1926.
PLANT HUNTING ON THE EDGE OF THE WORLD* by F. Kingdon-Ward; Victor Gollancz, Ltd,, London, 1930.
LOOM OF THE EAST, THE* by F. Kingdon-Ward; 1932.
PLANT HUNTER IN TIBET, A* by F, Kingdon-Ward; Jonathan Cape, London, 1934.
ROMANCE OF GARDENING, THE by Frank Kingdon-Ward; Jonathan Cape, London, 1935.
PLANT HUNTER'S PARADISE* by F, Kingdon-Ward; Jonathan Cape, London, 1937.
ASSAM ADVENTURE* by F, Kingdon-Ward, 1941.
MODERN EXPLORATION* by Frank Kingdon-Ward; Jonathan Cape, London, 1945, Second Impression, 1946.
ABOUT THIS EARTH* by Frank Kingdon-Ward; 1946.
RHODODENDRONS AND AZALEAS* by Frank Kingdon-Ward; 1949, RHODODENDRONS * by F, KingdonWard; 1949.
FOOTSTEPS IN CIVILIZATION* by Frank Kingdon-Ward; Beacon Press, Boston, 1951.
PLANT HUNTER IN MANIPUR* by Frank Kingdon-Ward; 1952.
RETURN TO THE IRRAWADDY* by Frank Kingdon-Ward; Andrew Melrose; London, 1956.
PILGRIMAGE FOR PLANTS* by F, Kingdon-Ward; George G, Harrap & Co. Ltd., London, 1960.
PLANT HUNTING IN THE WILD by Captain F, Kingdon-Ward; Pioneer Series, Adelphi, London, no date.
FIELD NOTES etc.* Frank KingdonWard, 1931, 98 pages.
FIELD NOTES etc.* Frank KingdonWard, 1935, 35 pages.
AN ACCOUNT OF RHODODENDRON IN MALESIA by H, Sleumer; P, Noordhoff Ltd,, Partly a reprint from "Flora Malesiana," Ser. 1, Vol. 6, Part 4; Groningen, The Netherlands, Jan. 1966.
GENUS RHODODENDRON IN MALAYSIA, THE* by H, Sleumer. Reprinted from "Reinwardtia". Published by Herbarium Bogoriense, Kebunraya, Indonesia; Vol. 5, Part 2, pp. 45-231, March 1960.
RHODODENDRONS AND AZALEAS* by William Watson, London, no date.
CHINA, MOTHER OF GARDENS* by Ernest Wilson; The Stratford Co., Boston, 1929.
PLANT HUNTING* by Ernest Wilson; The Stratford Co., Boston. Volume I, 1927; Volume 11, 1927,
GEORGE FORREST V, M. H, 18731932; Photolithography, T. & A, Constable Ltd,, Edinburgh, Reprint, 1972. Also limited edition, 1935.


FUNDAMENTALS OF RHODODENDRON AND AZALEA CULTURE, THE; The American Rhododendron Society, 12 pages.
GETTING STARTED WITH RHODODENDRONS AND AZALEAS* by J, Harold Clarke; Doubleday, Garden City, New York, 1960.
HARDY RHODODENDRONS* by Frederick Street; Van Nostrand, London, 1954.
HANDBOOK OF RHODODENDRONS, THE*; Arboretum Foundation, 1946, First Edition of 700 copies; supplemental printing, Seattle, Washington.
HANDBOOK OF RHODODENDRONS AND THEIR RELATIVES; Special Printing of Plants & Gardens, Vol. 27, No, 2, Brooklyn Botanic Garden.
INTERNATIONAL RHODODENDRON REGISTER, THE, H. R, Fletcher, The Royal Horticultural Society, London. 1958.
MODERN RHODODENDRONS* by E. H, M. Cox and P. A, Cox; Nelson, 1957.
PROCEEDINGS OF THE INTERNATIONAL RHODODENDRON CONFERENCE. PORTLAND. OREGON MAY 11-14,1961: edited by J, Harold Clarke. American Rhododendron Society.
QUARTERLY BULLETIN, American Rhododendron Society, Aurora, Oregon. First published in 1947 and continuous.
RHODODENDRON, THE* by Margaret Carroll Brady; Lowman & Hanford Co.. Seattle, Washington, 1932, five pages.
RHODODENDRON, Leonard P. Frisbie: Pacific Rhododendron Society, Tacoma. Washington. A quarterly published from 1950-1970. RHODODENDRONS* by J. G, Millais; Longmans, Green, London, 1917, First series.
RHODODENDRONS, and the VARIOUS HYBRIDS* by J, G, Millais; Longmans, Green, London, 1924. Second series.
RHODODENDRON, THE, Washington State Flower by Ellis and Gayle Robinson; Lynnwood Craftsmen, 1965, 4 pages.
RHODODENDRON VOL. I & II, THE*, by Beryl Leslie Urquhart; Leslie Urquhart Press, 1958 and 1962, Re, productions from paintings by Carlos Riefel.
RHODODENDRONS 1956*; American Rhododendron Society, Portland, Oregon.
RHODODENDRONS AS A LIFETIME INTEREST by Leonard F. Frisbie; 16 pages, Tacoma, Washington.
RHODODENDRONS FOR AMATEURS*; The American Rhododendron Society, Edited by James Pelley, 1946; 20 pages. RHODODENDRONS FOR AMATEURS* by E. H. M. Cox; Country Life Ltd,, 1924, 112 pages.
RHODODENDRONS AND AZALEAS by Judith M, Berrisford; Faber, London, 1964.
RHODODENDRONS AND AZALEAS by Clement Gray- Bowers; Macmillan, New York, 1936, 1960 & 1968. RHODODENDRONS AND AZALEAS by Frederick Street; W, H. & L, Collingbridge Ltd,, Amateur Gardening Handbook No, 19, 1957. Second Impression, 1966, 92 pages.
RHODODENDRONS AND AZALEAS; Sunset Editorial Staff, Lane Books, Menlo Park, California, 1969.
RHODODENDRONS, AZALEAS, MAGNOLIAS, CAMELLIAS AND ORNAMENTAL CHERRIES* by A. T. Johnson with notes on propagation by F, C. Puddle, V. M. H., London, My Garden, 1948. RHODODENDRON AND CAMELLIA YEAR BOOK, THE; The Royal Horticultural Society, London 1946-1971, Hardback; 1972- Softback.
RHODODENDRONS AND MAGNOLIAS* by Douglas Bartrum; John Gifford Ltd,, Great Britain, 1957.
RHODODENDRONS FOR YOUR GARDEN: American Rhododendron Society, Portland, Oregon, 1961.
RHODODENDRON H A N D B O O K, THE 1956, 1963 & 1967, Part One, Rhododendron Species in General Cultivation; Rhododendron Group, The Royal Horticultural Society, Spottswoode, Ballantyne & Co. Ltd., London.
RHODODENDRON HANDBOOK, The 1956, 1964 & 1969, Part Two, Rhododendron Hybrids; Rhododendron Group, The Royal Horticultural Society, Spottswoode, Ballantyne & Co., Ltd,, London.
RHODODENDRONS IN AMERICA by Ted Van Veen; Sweeney, Krist and Dimm, Inc., Portland, Oregon, First Edition, 1969.
RHODODENDRON INFORMATION; American Rhododendron Society, Sherwood, Oregon, 1967.
RHODODENDRON LEAF, THE* by John Macqueen Cowan; Oliver and Boyd, London, 1950.
RHODODENDRONS OF THE WORLD and How to Grow Them by David G. Leach; Scribner's, New York, 1961.
RHODODENDRON SOCIETY NOTES 1916-1931*; T. & A. Constable Ltd., Edinburgh, Notes by Society members.
RHODODENDRONS, Their History, Geographical Distribution, Hybridization and Culture by Gerd Kriissman; Drake Publishers Ltd., New York, 1970.
RHODODENDRON YEARBOOK, The, For 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948 and 1949; American Rhododendron Society, Binfords and Mort, Portland, Oregon.
ROTHSCHILD RHODODENDRONS, THE; A record of the gardens at Exbury by C. E. Lucas Phillips and Peter N. Barber; Dodd Mead, New York, 1967.
SPECIES OF RHODODENDRON, THE*; The Rhododendron Society, T. & A. Constable Ltd., Great Britain, 1930. Second Edition, 1947.
SPECIES OF RHODODENDRON, THE; Reprint by The Pacific Rhododendron Society, 1972-74 (Booklets to total 15), Tacoma, Washington.
WISLEY HANDBOOK TWO, RHODODENDRONS by Peter A. Cox; The Royal Horticultural Society, London, 1972.
UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON ARBORETUM BULLETIN, THE; XXXIV, No. 1, Spring 1971. Attention is also called to many articles not listed here which have been published frequently in the Arboretum Bulletin.
YEAR BOOK OF THE RHODODENDRON ASSOCIATION*; Great Britain (known to cover 1929 - 1939). Other editions possible.