QBARS - v27n3 President's Address

President's Address
Annual Meeting, A.R.S., 1973, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Dr. Robert L. Ticknor

Judson Brook's garden
FIG.35. Fine points of a favorite rhododendron in his garden
are pointed out by Judson Brooks to (from left to right)
Alfred S. Martin, ARS President; Dr. David Leach; Wells
Knierim, President of Great Lakes Chapter; and Dr. Robert
L. Ticknor, ARS Past President.
Garden Tour
FIG.36. Garden tour group gathers for refreshments on the
terrace at the home of Judson Brooks.
Annaul Meeting Speakers
FIG.37. Speakers at annual meeting, H.
Lincoln Foster, center, and Warren Berg,
right, with host Judson Brooks.
Lanny Pride's Nursery
FIG.38. Interested group gathers around Lanny Pride
(right foreground) as he talks about one of his
hybrids during annual meeting tour of his nursery.
Photos by Felix A. Robinson Jr.

It has been a stimulating and well planned convention and the committee and membership of the Great Lakes Chapter are to be congratulated on their efforts. As a member of the Portland Chapter, which will sponsor next year's meeting, it is hard to see how this convention can be equaled.

Much of the actual work of the Society is done by our two employees the Editor and the Executive Secretary. Mr. Reuben Hatch, who capably filled the Editor's position for a year, found it necessary to resign for personal reasons. We were very fortunate to be able to obtain the services of an experienced writer and plants woman, Mrs. Molly Grothaus, as our new Editor. She will need your support to maintain and improve the quality of our Bulletin. If you feel your area is not getting it's share of coverage, dig in and help to find some stories so that we can maintain regional balance. We also need to have a mixture between articles for beginners and advanced growers.

Mrs. W. J. Curtis had to resign as our Executive Secretary because of eye problems. She had still hoped to be with us in Pittsburgh but her eye didn't recover from surgery as fast as she hoped. We have found a replacement in Mrs. B. J. Lamb, and Chris is working with her to help her become familiar with the job. Mrs. Lamb has many years' experience as office manager for a large private club. This experience should help us manage our financial affairs in the most effective manner.

Most of the other activities of the Society, such as honors, plant awards. ratings, research, seed exchange, and slide library, depend on committees. So when your next President asks you to serve on these or other committees, please accept if you have time to devote to the project. If you won't be able to work, suggest someone else who would be a good worker. Often some of the best workers are not known outside of their own chapter so the Society's President wouldn't know of their capabilities without your advice.

If you have a complaint on how things are being handled, let your officers and board know. They were elected to serve the Society and you but, to my knowledge, they have no way of knowing whether your Bulletin arrived, whether you liked the balance of articles, or whether other activities should be started or stopped.

The board members elected are as follows: Mr. Warren Berg, Dr. John Evans, Mr. Thomas Koenig, and Mr. Theodore Van Veen. For the first time in the history of our Society the National President will be a resident of the East, Mr. Alfred Martin. Elected Eastern Vice President is Mr. Raymond Huey. Elected Secretary-Treasurer is Mr. Robert Landregan.

I'm sure you will give these officers the support that you have given to me the last two years. It has been a rewarding experience working with all of you. I'll look forward to seeing you at next year's annual meeting, to be held at the Sheraton Hotel, Portland, Oregon, May 9 - 12.