QBARS - v27n3 Requirements for Chapter Formation

Requirements For Chapter Formation
Dr. Robert L. Ticknor

At the annual meeting several people were inquiring about procedures for the formation of a Chapter. The full requirements are in the By-Laws which appear in pages 8-9 of the January, 1970, Quarterly Bulletin. There are other points in Chapter Formation in the Policies of the Board. The major requirements from these two documents are as follows:

Article III

  • Section B. A group of twelve or more people, members or non-members, may become an official Society Chapter by application submitted to the Secretary of the Society and approval of the Board. The application should be accompanied by the dues of each member.
  • Section E. The officers of a Chapter shall be elected by its members. Results of all elections shall be promptly reported to the Secretary of the
  • Section I. Chapters are authorized to adopt by-laws consistent with those of the Society and a copy of proposed Chapter by-laws shall be submitted with application to the Society.
  • Section J. Each Chapter is to have its own programs and educational exhibits.
  • Section N. Chapter meetings shall be held not less than four times annually.

Policies of the Board

  • 2.2 Names of Chapters: The Board will approve a suitable name for a proposed Chapter which does not conflict with the name of an already existing Chapter. Names should preferably be narrowly descriptive or locally geographic in nature.
  • 2.3 Consult Existing Chapters: The Executive Secretary shall immediately inform the Chapter President and Secretary if members of an existing Chapter desire to form a new Chapter. No action will be taken until the comments from the officers of the affected Chapter have been received and evaluated by the Board. The affected Chapter must mail any comments to the President of the A.R.S. within forty-five (45) days after being notified by the Executive Secretary.

Requests for a sample of the Chapter By-Laws and inquiries about Chapter formation should be addressed to the Society.