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More on the Gable Study Group
Jane M. Goodrich, Vienna, Va.

As mentioned in the July Quarterly, a Gable Study Group has been organized by the Potomac Valley Chapter. The first effort of the Study Group will be to make as complete a listing as possible of clonal forms and selected species now growing in arboretums and public and private gardens. This is a large undertaking, since Mr. Gable's plants are very widespread as a result of his tireless breeding and propagation efforts, the inherent vigor of his selected plants, and the generosity of plant specialists who have shared Gable creations. Another problem is the large number of unnamed plants and various forms of named varieties which he distributed to his many customers and friends.

We believe a compiled list will reveal many valuable plants, especially in private collections, which should be preserved and propagated. In order to reach as many owners of Gable plants as possible, the ARS has agreed to assist us by publishing this request for your listing. We will greatly appreciate receiving an itemized list from members owning Gable plants by January 1, 1974. As soon as the lists can be compiled, all members contributing information will be sent a master list of varieties, rating, and contributors if they indicate they wish to be listed. Please list clones as follows:  Clonal name, or Gable number; original cross, if known; hardiness rating for plant and flower; flower color; date of bloom; your performance rating; and remarks about the clone or selected species. We would also appreciate a mention of your climate zone or winter low.