QBARS - v27n4 Dexter Cultivar Distribution Under Consideration

Dexter Cultivar Distribution Under Consideration
Heman Howard, Sandwich, Massachusetts

During the past three years Heritage Plantation (the former Dexter rhododendron estate) has been making a sincere effort to locate and return to the place of their origin the many named cultivars of this nationally famous group of rhododendrons.

Many requests have been received by us during this period asking where certain cultivars might be obtained. In most cases sources were located only to find the nursery does not ship, making it necessary to go in person to obtain the plants.

Heritage Plantation is considering the possibility of creating a program whereby rooted cuttings of (6-10) cultivars would be obtainable over a (3-5 year) period. It is our desire to give rhododendron enthusiasts from coast to coast the opportunity to obtain these plants and have them mailed to their homes.

It should be understood that Heritage Plantation is not going into the nursery business. These cuttings would be rooted by a professional rhododendron propagator, then the rooted cuttings would be handled by a commercial concern equipped to package and ship those 8"-10" rooted plants.

These plants will be guaranteed to be true to name and to arrive in good condition. The price per plant, with two being offered each year, one each spring and fall, will be $8.00 per plant. Members of Heritage Plantation will receive their usual discount.

Dexters, like all other rhododendrons, prefer acid soil and will tolerate low temperatures of zero to five above. This will include all of Zone 6 as well as protected areas in Zone 5. If plants are expected to withstand minimum temperatures, consideration must be given as to planting location. Some protection should be given against exposure to strong winds.

Because of the time required to propagate these plants this program would be scheduled for the spring of 1975. Before proceeding, however, an estimate of the number of people interested is necessary. If you are interested in this program to obtain some of the best of the named Dexter rhododendron cultivars, write to Heman Howard, Heritage Plantation of Sandwich, Grove Street Box 566, Sandwich, Mass. 02563. This is merely a survey and a "yes" reply is not binding in any way. You will be informed when this program goes into operation.