QBARS - v27n4 R. vaseyi var. 'White Find'

R. vaseyi var. 'White Find'
Carl H. Phetteplace, M.D., Eugene, Oregon

'R vaseyi' var. 'White Find'
'R vaseyi' var. 'White Find'
Photo by C. H. Phetteplace, M.D.

R. vaseyi , Subseries Canadense, was first discovered by G. S. Vasey near the end of last century in the mountains of North Carolina. It has generally been prized by gardeners because of a number of qualities. Often it has an interesting growth habit as if trained to odd and graceful shapes. The flowers have a delicate beauty ranging from tinted to strong, clear pinks. In autumn the foliage takes on brilliant shades of yellow to red. Until recently a pure white form was not known. Several years ago Russell Harmon while collecting in North Carolina mountains for LaBar's Nursery gratified his hopes by finding a form un-tinted by color. It was appropriately named 'White Find'. My plant obtained from this source eight years ago is now five feet tall and bloomed freely this year after last winter's record cold of minus 6° F.

Each year I have to self it for the Seed Exchange but it seems self sterile. This year several soft limber cuttings were placed in a cold frame without heat in May. Now, as of September 1st, most have roots up to one-half inch long and foliage is green. The parent plant has bright yellow fall foliage. A mature plant 10 or 12 feet tall in full flower is reported to be the highlight of a garden. Lucky is he who has one.