QBARS - v27n4 Pictures Unrelated to the Text: R. 'Carita', R. 'Olympic Lady' and R. 'Cowslip'

Pictures Unrelated To Text

R. 'Carita' R. 'Olympic Lady'
FIG. 52. The A.M. form of 'Carita' is yellow with
a dark throat, but the golden yellow form,
'Carita' var. 'Golden Dream' is rated more
Photo by Cecil Smith
FIG. 53. Spreading wider than tall, 'Olympic Lady'
blooms in early April. It carries the
characteristic stamp of R. williamsianum
parentage, but its light pink flowers which
fade white gained size from its other parent
Loderi King George.
Photo by Cecil Smith
R. 'Cowslip'
FIG. 55. 'Cowslip' is a R. wardii x R. williamsianum
cross with cream and pink flowers. The semi-
dwarf rhododendron has an A.M.
Photo by Cecil Smith