QBARS - v30n3 An Interesting Hybrid: R. grande x 'Cornubia'

An Interesting Hybrid: R. grande x 'Cornubia'
Arthur W. Headlam, Bentleigh, Australia.

R. grande x 'Cornubia'
R. grande x 'Cornubia'
Photo by A. W. Headlam

The late Charles Carlsson, a Foundation Member of the Australian Rhododendron Society and an enthusiastic hybridist, had over the years made many crosses with probably the average percentage of successes. However, there is little doubt that his finest result was achieved by making the cross R. grande x 'Cornubia'.

An examination of the R. H. S. Handbook 1969, surprisingly reveals that R. grande has been used for hybridizing on only a very few occasions, and with the species R. arboreum , eximium , falconeri , hodgsonii and macabeanum . The cross with the hybrid 'Cornubia' resulted in an attractive, spherical shaped truss carrying some twenty-five flowers, set off to advantage by the large deep green foliage.

It is the intention of the Australian Rhododendron Society to make a planting of this hybrid in the National Rhododendron Garden at Olinda as a tribute to a Foundation Member, a keen hybridist and an ardent supporter of the Society.