QBARS - v31n1 Nominating Committee Report

Nominating Committee Reports

The Nominating Committee proposed the following list of nominees from which four directors will be elected in 1977. These nominations were approved by the Board of Directors at their meeting in Washington November 14. The four nominees receiving the highest number of votes will be elected for a term of three years starting June 1, 1977. Over the past few years it has been the practice to select nominees' positions on the ballot by lot. This has been done again this year. Many people either rightly or wrongly feel that ballot position tends to influence an occasional voter. We urge everyone to vote for the candidate of their choice when the ballots are received by mail in March. They should be returned promptly so they can be counted before the annual meeting in Eugene.

ARTHUR DOME , Seattle, Washington; Seattle Chapter; incumbent director; past chapter president; judge of rhododendron shows and speaker at chapter meetings; recipient of ARS Bronze Medal; sales manager for Horticultural Supply firm; grower of dwarf species and hybrids; photographer of rhododendrons.

MRS. MARGE FARWELL , Woodside, California; San Mateo Chapter. Founding member of California Chapter and current Vice President; also Founding member of San Mateo Chapter and current president; on the local level has served with distinction on numerous Boards and committees of the Society for many years; co-proprietor of Farwell Rhododendron Nursery in Woodside, California.

HENRY A. SCHANNEN , Trenton, New Jersey; Princeton Chapter; incumbent director; has been very active as director in attending all national Board meetings; extremely active on local and regional levels holding many offices in both the Valley Forge and Princeton Chapters; frequently visits West Coast; very enthusiastic grower and hybridizer.

WELLS KNIERIM , Cleveland, Ohio; Great Lakes Chapter; past president of Chapter and currently serving as chapter director; very active in Midwest and Eastern regions; has managed many truss shows for chapter; retired from Bell Telephone in Ohio as Data Processing Manager; early president of the American Daffodil Society and remains very active in that Society; an ardent and very outstanding flower photographer and has presented many programs for the Society; past president of the Camera Guild of Cleveland.

ALFRED S. MARTIN , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Philadelphia Chapter; past president of the Society; active in national affairs since 1962 and has attended most national Board meetings since that time; served two terms as national director and four years as first Eastern Vice President; currently chairman of Trustees, A.R.S. Research Foundation; on numerous national committees and has been active locally; awarded Bronze Medal by Philadelphia Chapter and received Gold Medal in 1976.

P. H. BRYDON , Salem, Oregon; Portland Chapter; long active in national affairs and former director; he was the Director of the University of California, Berkeley, Botanical Garden for 10 years; director of Strybing Arboretum in San Francisco for 9 years; former executive secretary Species Foundation and was curator and propagator during the difficult period from 1970 to 1975; widely known throughout the Society as a frequent effective speaker at many chapter and annual meetings; received the Gold Medal in 1974 and in 1976 received the Professional Plant Citation award from the American Horticultural Society.

Respectfully submitted,

John P. Evans, MD

Dr. Robert L. Ticknor

Ernest H. Yelton, MD

Alfred S. Martin, Chairman