QBARS - v31n1 American Rhododendron Society Plant Awards

The ARS Plant Awards - 1976

Superior Plant Award

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Award of Excellence

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Conditional Award

Portland Chapter

'Julia Grothaus', C. A.

('Albatross' x 'Golden Belle'). Hybridized and exhibited by Molly Grothaus, Lake Oswego, Oregon. Flowers 4 1/2 in., open funnel-shaped, 7 lobed, in a ball-shaped truss of 10 to 11.  Shades of yellow (10B) to orange (37C to 36 D) to white, with a red (178-B) flare. Plant 5½ ft. high by 7 ft. wide in 15 years, well branched and slightly open. E. L. 1972 Early June.

R. 'Julia Grothaus' C.A.
R. 'Julia Grothaus' C.A.
Photo by Cecil Smith
Eligibility List
Plant Chapter Originator Exhibitor
'Jalipeno' Portland David Goheen David Goheen
[('Fabia' x haematodes ) x 'Earl of Athlone'] x 'Jean Marie de Montague'
( decorum x discolor ) x ( lacteum x 'Loderi') Seattle Grady Barefield Grady Barefield
keiskei (dwarf form) x hanceanum v. nanum Portland Robert Ticknor Robert Ticknor
'Tally Ho' x yakushimanum F.C.C. Portland Ben Lancaster Ray Austin