QBARS - v35n1 Middle Atlantic Chapter Awards Bronze Medals


Gladys J. Wheeldon Bronze Medal award
Gladys J. Wheeldon (left) receives the Bronze Medal
and congratulation kiss from John Whithers


For her enthusiastic interest, efforts, and support in establishing the Middle Atlantic Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society;

For her generosity in the giving of herself, time and money in support of the Chapter meetings and activities throughout the past twenty-five years;

For voluntarily sharing with both beginner and expert the knowledge gained in creating one of the outstanding ericaceous gardens in the South;

For cheerfully allowing her garden to be a major reference collection for rhododendron enthusiasts, and for sharing plants and cuttings from Gladsgay with others to further the propagation and distribution of rhododendron in the Eastern United States;

And for her continued gracious willingness to serve and support the Middle Atlantic Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society,

We hereby present to Gladys J. Wheeldon the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society.

Given this 10th day of May, 1980.

Warren T. Cloud bronze medal
Warren T. Cloud (left) receives the Bronze Medal
from Chapter President Austin C. Kennell.


The Middle Atlantic Chapter's highest award is given only to those whose service to the Chapter and its members is well beyond the normal participation and contributions.

This recipient richly warrants this recognition. A long-time member of the Chapter, he has always actively participated in Chapter activities. He has always been a loyal and enthusiastic booster for the genus rhododendron, the American Rhododendron Society, and the Middle Atlantic Chapter.

He has been a faithful contributor to our plant auctions. He consistently exhibits outstanding plants at our truss shows and has won many awards for his plants.

The fascinatingly lovely garden which he and his wonderful wife created was always open to everyone. Over the years it attracted hundreds of visitors and he always seemed to find time to give personal tours.

He developed a slide program which he presented to numerous organizations stirring more and more interest in rhododendrons and azaleas. He generously shared cuttings and plants as well as expertise with others. His love of all living things characterized his every thought and action.

For his many, many years of service, the Middle Atlantic Chapter is proud to present the Bronze Medal to Warren T. Cloud. Given this 10th day of May, 1980.