QBARS - v35n1 Nominating Committee Report

Nominating Committee Report

The Nominating Committee proposes the following list of nine nominees. We propose that the four persons receiving the highest number of votes by the Society membership be considered elected to terms to expire on May 31, 1983. We further recommend that the person receiving the fifth highest number of votes be considered elected to fill a vacancy in a two year term to expire May 31, 1982. The vacancy is created by the election of Janet Binford to Western Vice President.

As in the past, positions on the ballot have been drawn by lot to avoid any possibility of ballot position influencing the occasional voter. Only those ballots which vote for 4 directors will be counted.

It is probable that this will be the last year the National Directors will be elected under existing by-laws. Under new by-laws the Nominating Committee will nominate only a Director-at-large.

HERBERT A. SPADY, M.D. Member of the Portland Chapter of the ARS for twelve years. Study Group chairman for three years. Early show chairman 1979. Currently Vice-President. Charter member of the Willamette Chapter ARS. Chairman, Education Committee Rhododendron Species Foundation. Board member Rhododendron Species Foundation. Co-proprietor, Rhododendron specialty nursery. Hybridizer. Strong interest in species rhododendrons and rhododendron research.

HENRY R. SCHROEDER, M.D. Gynecologist, Deaconess Hospital, Evansville, Indiana. President of the Indiana Chapter of the A.R.S. Associate member of several other A.R.S. Chapters. Member of the Rhododendron Species Foundation. Honorary member of the Canadian Rhododendron Society. Past president of Three Rivers Chapter of the Holly Society of America. Introduced the first registered Ilex opeca 'Grace McCutchan' in the state of Indiana. Contributor to the A.R.S. seed exchange. Hybridizer of azaleas, rhododendrons and hollies. President of Holly Hills., Evansville, Indiana.

MARSHALL G. STlLWELL Thomasville, North Carolina; Piedmont Chapter; Past President of Chapter; currently member of Chapter Board of Directors; Rhododendron Show Judge; avid collector, propagator, and hybridizer of rhododendrons; employed by Masonite Corp.

HAROLD GREER Eugene, Oregon; Eugene Chapter; Vice-president of Chapter; speaker at 1977 National Meeting and at many Western Chapter meetings; nurseryman growing species and hybrid rhododendrons. Hybridizer and introducer of rhododendrons including 'Trude Webster'.

CLlVE L. JUSTICE, M.Sc. Landscape Architect & Park Planner. Since 1953 - a Charter Member, Past President in the 1960's, and Chapter Bronze Medalist in the Vancouver B.C. Chapter A.R.S. Currently serves as a Show and Plant Registry Judge specializing in judging show landscape exhibits, show judging of species and hybrids, and in the judging of the landscape potential of new American Hybrids. As a practicing Landscape Architect, Clive has designed many public and private gardens incorporating major plantings of Rhododendrons and Rhododendron collections including the U.B.C. Botanical Gardens. A continuing passion is the documentation and visitation of rhododendrons in their native habitat as well as collection of literature, history and trivia on the genus.

GUSTAV A. L. MEHLQUlST, Ph.D . Storrs, Connecticut; Connecticut Chapter; Retired Professor of Botany and Plant Breeding, University of Connecticut; Charter member and first president of Connecticut Chapter; grower and breeder of rhododendrons for more than 20 years; participant in Breeders" Round Table several years; director, A.R.S. Species Foundation; Bronze, Medal Connecticut Chapter; Gold Medals from American Orchid Society, Massachusetts Horticultural Society, American Rhododendron Society (1975).

MAX E. BYRKlT, M. D. Hagerstown, Md., Physician, charter member of Potomac Valley Chapter, associate member Connecticut Chapter: collector, grower, and hybridizer of azaleas and rhododendron; member of rhododendron species foundation; speaker; contributor to pollen bank, A.R.S. seed exchange, and A.R.S. quarterly.

EDWARD W. COLLINS Medford, New Jersey, Pine Barrens Chapter, Past President Philadelphia Chapter; formed and is currently President of Pine Barrens Chapter; served on numerous committees Philadelphia and Valley Forge Chapters; was Convention Chairman in 1976 at Valley Forge; Chairman of Philadelphia and Valley Forge exhibit at Philadelphia Flower Show for 10 years; has propagated and distributed Tyler Arboretum (Wister) hybrids for 10 years; Rhododendron collector.

WILLIAM D. TlETJEN William D. Tietjen, Guilford, Conn. retired engineer, Sperry Systems Management; New York Chapter, completing third term as chapter president, past editor of chapter newsletter, chairman of chapter seed exchange, demonstrator of propagation techniques, consistent blue ribbon winner for rhododendron and azalea display gardens at horticultural shows; director and tour chairman for 1978 National Convention, faithfully attended national board meetings since 1978; chairman ARS Seed Exchange since 1979 dedicated to shortening the time between contributor and grower.

Respectfully submitted,
Don S. Kellam, Jr.
A. Hadley Osborn
Robert L. Tichnor
Alfred S. Martin
August E. Kehr, Chairman