QBARS - v35n2 Review: Contributions Toward a Classification of Rhododendron

Frank Mossman, M.D.
Vancouver, WA

Contributions Toward a Classification of Rhododendron ; Proceedings; International Rhododendron Conference hosted by the New York Botanical Garden in collaboration with the American Rhododendron Society. The conference was organized by David Leach and August Kehr. An introduction by Leach outlines past classification of Rhododendron species to the present time. This detailed scientific tome merits careful study by all students of the genus.

The first papers are by Dr. Herman Sleumer, an English translation of his classification of the genus Rhododendron and his reasons using, anatomy such as scales, hairs, relationship of floral and growth buds and foliage characteristics. Seed characteristics, cotyledon leaf structure, and leaf veins are said to further substantiate Sleumer's classification. There are fourteen articles on these subjects and chemistry as it relates to the genus. The conference participants generally agreed on the Sleumerian classification of Rhododendron. "Now an unknown species can be accurately classified" by following this system.

No rhododendron library is complete without this small but fact-packed volume.