QBARS - v35n4 A Capital Convention

The Convention Committee

US Capital

The 1981 ARS convention in Washington May 6-9 will present the latest information on the rhododendron world. Notable speakers will emphasize the rhododendrons of China and the Southwestern Pacific, the pioneering work of Joseph Gable, cold climate rhododendrons and the genetic riches of the Appalachian area. Headquarters and housing will be at the National 4H Center, a campus-like and inexpensive facility six miles out Connecticut Avenue from the White House in a Bethesda, Md., country club area. The annual banquet will be in the Blue Room of the Shoreham Hotel.

A visit to Mt. Vernon and other optional tours are included in the program. However, members may want to arrive early or delay departure in order to see additional attractions such as the Capitol, White House, Washington Monument, Library of Congress, Supreme Court, the many Smithsonian Museums and other government buildings.

The National Arboretum, site of one of the world's largest azalea collections, will be visited Friday afternoon. The tour will include gardens honoring the late B. Y. Morrison, former director of the Arboretum and developer of the Glenn Dale and Back Acres azaleas, and the late Frederic P. Lee, author of "The Azalea Book"; the extensive planting of azaleas on Mt. Hamilton; the Rhododendron Walk; Gotelli collection of dwarf conifers; National Bonsai Collection; the new National Herb Garden; and Camellia and Fern Gardens. The Arboretum's new director, Dr. Henry Marc Cathey, is a program speaker.

In addition, tours are scheduled to other public and private gardens in the capital area. In a departure from previous conventions, a general interest hybridizer's forum is scheduled on Saturday so that more members can attend.

Optional will be an all-day Sunday trip to Joe Gable's farms and gardens at Stewartstown, Pa., near the Pennsylvania-Maryland border and between Baltimore, Md., and York, Pa.

Convention details will be given in the January 1982 Quarterly Bulletin.