QBARS - v35n4 Slide Loan Program


Propagation Of Rhododendrons , audio by Jack Lofthouse.

Rhododendrons Species In The Phetteplace Gardens , audio by Carl Phetteplace, M.D.

Broderick Castle Gardens , by John Basford, Isle of Arran, Scotland.

Malesian Rhododendrons In Australia , by Arthur Headlam, audio by J. P. Evans, M.D.

Rhododendrons In New Zealand Gardens , by H. D. Lasker, with script.

The National Rhododendron Garden, Olinda, Australi a, audio by Arthur Headlam.

Dr. Sleumer's Lecture On Malesian Rhododendron Species , by Warren Berg with script. A presentation of over 150 slides is divided into two parts: lepidotes and elepidotes. The evolution and relationship of the series are shown.

Rhododendrons In Australia by Arthur Headlam.

Rhododendron Diseases , by Dr. Robert Lamb, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, with script.

Beauty Is The Name Of The Game , Emil Hager, with audio by Betty Hager. A colorful introduction to rhododendrons and azalea hybrids and species suitable for the Northeast.

Eastern Native Azaleas , Fred C. Galle, with script for reading.

Azaleas Of Australia , by Arthur Headlam, with script for reading.

The Species At The Rhododendron Species Foundation , Synchronized cassette tape recorder required.

Species From The Cecil And Molly Smith Garden , with script.

A deposit of $50 is required for the loan of each set. Upon return of the slides in good condition, $35 will be refunded. Programs must be returned three days after use, insured for $200 each. A charge will be made if the program is not returned within the three-day period by United Parcel or by Postal Service Air Parcel (Insured).

Programs should be ordered 30 days in advance of date required. Send requests to:

Herbert A. Spady Gordon Jones
Salem, OR Oyster Bay, NY