JARS v36n1 - Media and Fertility in Azalea Propagation

Media and Fertility in Azalea Propagation
G. S. Cobb
Auburn University, Mobile, AL

In Proceedings of So. Nur. Res. Conf. 1979. 24:21 6-221.


The author compared milled pine bark with Canadian peat, vermiculite, peat-sand, vermiculite-sand, bark-sand and peat-perlite-vermiculite, also misting schedules and fertilizer incorporation in the propagation media. Azalea cultivars tested were 'Christmas Cheer', 'Snow' and 'Roadrunner'. His results showed that azalea cuttings rooted best in milled pine bark or peat-perlite-vermiculite. The milled pine bark was the most economical material. Cuttings rooted in pine bark amended with 2.5 lbs of Osmocote 18-5-11 per cu. ft. rated higher than those in unfertilized pine bark. In pine bark a mist interval of 11 compared with 20 seconds on a 10 minute cycle were similar and produced similar rooting of the azaleas.