JARS v36n1 - ARS Plant Awards 1981

Superior Plant Award (SPA)
Not awarded
Award of Excellence (AE)
Not awarded
Conditional Award (CA)

Great Lakes Chapter
'Lodestar'  ( R. catawbiense var. album x 'Belle Heller'). Hybridizer owner, David Leach. Plant 60" w x 52" h in 9 years. Foliage elliptical, 155 mm x 50 mm w., medium olive green, light green indumentum. Flower: Ball shaped truss of 10-23 open funnel shape flowers, pale purplish pink, 70-80 mm diam., 65 mm long. Estimated quality rating: plant 4, flower 5.

'Party Pink'  ('Mrs. Furnival' x R. catawbiense var. album ). Hybridizer, exhibitor, David Leach. Plant: 52" w x 66" h. in 9 years. Foliage 100-150mm long x 60mm-70mm wide, oblong shape, medium green. Flower: Ball shape truss of 8-15 open trumpet shape flowers, 65mm diam. x 65mm long, color, light purplish pink; average texture. Estimated quality rating; plant 4, flower 4.

'Yaku Queen'  ('King Tut' x R. yakushimanum ). Hybridizer, exhibitor, A.M. Shammarello. Plant 51" broad, 34" high, spreading habit. Leaves: long elliptical, 125-140mm x 50mm, dark green and shiny, brown indumentum. Flower: Flat top truss of 8-12 open bell shape flowers, 53mm diam. x 40mm; color: light pinkish white, heavier than average texture. Estimated quality rating, plant 4, flower 4.

Eligibility List

Great Lakes Chapter
'Cairo'  ('Catalgla' x R. fortunei ) x ('Eidam' x R. williamsianum ). Hybridizer, owner David Leach

'Congo'  ( R. catawbiense var. album x 'Goldfort') Hybridizer owner, David Leach.

'Cyprus'  ('Mrs. Furnival' x R. catawbiense var. album ). Hybridizer owner, David Leach.

R. catawbiense var album x ( R. wightii x R. fortunei ). Hybridizer owner, David Leach

'Spring Frolic'  ( R. catawbiense var. album x R. yakushimanum F.C.C.) Hybrid owner, David Leach.

'Swansdown'  ( R. catawbiense var. album x 'Belle Heller'). Hybridizer owner, David Leach.

Massachusetts Chapter
'Evie's Choice'  ( R. catawbiense compacta white O.P.) Hybridizer-owner, Edmund Mezitt.

'Louis Cook's Double'  a R. carolinianum selection by Louis Cook

'Wayne's Choice'  (A low white seedling (F2) x pale yellow seedling). Hybridizer owner, Edmund Mezitt.

RH710  (A low white seedling x white with yellow flare). Hybridizer exhibitor, Edmund Mezitt.

Seattle Chapter
'Blue Boy'  ('Blue Ensign' x 'Purple Splendor'). Hybridized and exhibited by Elsie Watson.

'Golfer'  ( R. yakushimanum x R. pseudochrysanthum EXB). Hybridized by Warren Berg, exhibited by James F. Caperci.