Second International Conference Edinburgh — May 11-13, 1982
George W. Ring, Fairfax, Virginia

The First International Rhododendron Conference held at the New York Botanical Garden in 1978 is now universally recognized as a milestone in rhododendron taxonomy. To extend this success, a Second International Rhododendron Conference will be held at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, Scotland, on May 11th to 13th, 1982 (3 days). The provisional program includes lectures by Cullen and Chamberlain (Royal Botanic Garden), Mr. John Kelley (Ireland), Mr. John Bond (Windsor Great Park), Mr. Alan Leslie (Royal Horticulture Society), Dr. John Rouse (Australia), Dr. Melva Phillipson and Prof. Bill Phillipson (New Zealand), Dr. Peter Stevens (Harvard Univ.), Prof. Barbara Palser (Rutgers Univ.), and Dr. George Argent (Edinburgh). The lecture topics represent a wide range of interests in rhododendron distribution, taxonomy, rhododendron research, and rhododendron anatomy. Participants will also be treated to a guided tour of the Royal Botanic Garden on Wednesday evening, where over 400 species of rhododendrons are grown, many directly descended from original introductions by Forrest, Wilson, Kingdon Ward, Cooper, Rock, Farrar and Sheriff, as well as the garden's own collectors.

The 3 day conference registration fee of 95 (pounds/sterling) includes all literature, lectures, morning coffee and afternoon tea, a reception, the guided tour of the Royal Botanic Gardens and one copy of the conference report. Registration for any one of the 3 days is 50 (pounds/sterling). Registration fees should be made out to "Rhododendron Conference Edinburgh". Registrations received after January 31st will have a surcharge of 25 pounds per delegate. Registrants should indicate whether they intend to attend the conference dinner on Thursday evening (10 or 15 pounds per person). Room accommodations are not included in the registration.