JARS v36n3 - Gold and Silver Medal Awards

Gold and Silver Medal Awards



You have achieved a truly remarkable record of service on an international level by your extraordinary contributions to the advancement of knowledge and culture of the genus Rhododendron .

You have contributed significantly to the development and growth of the Japanese Rhododendron Society (which you helped found), the Australian Rhododendron Society, and our own American Rhododendron Society as well as to the enrichment and guidance of the individual members of these organizations.

You have frequently shared your extensive knowledge and unique plant discoveries as an author, speaker, photographer, and through personal and written guidance or help to all who sought your assistance. In addition you have generously made contributions of plant material and seeds of unusual rhododendron and azalea hybrids and species which you sought out and collected in your homeland.

In grateful appreciation of your priceless contributions to so many, the American Rhododendron Society is proud to award its highest honor to: Hideo Suzuki.

The Board of Directors of The American Rhododendron Society, Washington, D.C. May 1982.


You are an outstanding example of one whose actions and words have meant so much to so many people. For few persons have contributed so significantly to the benefit and enrichment of members of this society as well as plant lovers everywhere as you have.

Your contributions have been many and varied. As an author and speaker you have eloquently shared your knowledge and experience. Your guidance and counsel as a member of the boards of various foundations and arboretums greatly enhanced the prestige and effectiveness of those organizations. Your role in the monumental task of studying, identifying, cataloging, registering, and perpetuating the Wister hybrids and plants of other Eastern hybridizers was largely responsible for adding a very important chapter to the history of American rhododendrons.

Your love and knowledge of plants — your love and interest in people — your ability and willingness to share your enthusiasm and knowledge — all these have given new dimensions of enjoyment and plant interest to so many of us.

For your many and valuable contributions, it is a pleasure to award the American Rhododendron Society's highest honor to Gertrude S. Wister.

The Board of Directors of the American Rhododendron Society, Washington, D.C, May, 1982.



You are a rare human being! Few persons, in any field have contributed so much to the enrichment of others in so many ways over such a long period of time with so little concern for personal recognition.

A recital of your accomplishments is almost endless; as hybridizer, plantsman, business leader, speaker, show judge, teacher, they are but the tip of the iceberg. Your contributions, to name a few, include being involved in about every activity of your chapter since its inception, playing a key role in establishing the rhododendron display test garden at the Secrest Arboretum, and unselfishly donating plant material for countless causes.

Perhaps the best measure of your love of people and plants and your vision is that you frequently give illustrated talks on hybridizing of rhododendrons and azaleas to school children. These surely are a measure of your stature as a human being.

With our grateful thanks, it is a pleasure to award the American Rhododendron Society's Silver Medal to Peter E. Girard, SR.

The Board of Directors of the American Rhododendron Society, Wash. D.C. May 1982.