JARS v37n2 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Mary & Marshall Asher
For having joined the Azalea Chapter practically at its inception, they have contributed faithful and dependable service in every chapter effort. They have given their encouragement and lent their organizational skills quietly and efficiently to the other officers and members of the board. Mary and Marshall as a team have routinely selected the ribbons and awards for the annual shows and have planned and staged the awards table at every show.

Anita Lockhart
The Olympic Peninsula Chapter presents to Anita Lockhart the Bronze Medal in appreciation of twenty years of generous service as president, vice president, program chairman, show chairman and for her whole hearted support of all chapter activities.

Mary E. Oleri
The Tappan Zee Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society presents the Bronze Medal Award to Mary E. Oleri for her splendid work in preserving many of the Guy Nearing plants, her work with the study group on such plants, her active participation and sharing in the exchange of seeds, cuttings and plants with members across the country.

Hans E. Bussink
The Tappan Zee Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society presents the Bronze Medal Award to Hans E. Bussink because of his faithful service in officerships, including a term as chapter president, by reason of sharing his academic botanical knowledge with members and his excellent record of participation in committee and membership activities.

Elwood Budil
Rhododendrons have been his favorite pastime for nearly forty years. And throughout those years, Elwood has always shared his interest and knowledge of rhododendrons with others. The Budils have always been generous with flowers, bouquets and plants at chapter functions. Over the years, Elwood has put major displays in chapter shows and continues to enter trusses and plants around the area. His long time interest in rhododendrons has enriched his life and the lives of people who are near to him.