JARS v37n2 - Cover: Yellow Cloud

Cover: Yellow Cloud
Don Hyatt, McLean, VA

R. 'Yellow Cloud'
R. 'Yellow Cloud'
photo by Don Hyatt

'Yellow Cloud' made its public debut at the 1982 ARS Convention in Washington D.C. Appropriately, the deciduous azalea's registration had just been published in the April Quarterly Bulletin. I had not previously exhibited this hybrid, as the plant typically flowers in late May, several weeks after our chapter truss show. However, this year I thought I would try to force a two year old cutting for the convention. Even though my timing was off and the bloom peaked a week before judging, the truss held up well and took Best in Show.

Yellow Cloud is a vigorous plant with ample dark green foliage. The huge trusses are clear yellow, ruffled and fragrant; individual flowers approach four inches in diameter. After last winter's record cold, I now know that the hardiness rating is at least-15°F.

In comparison to other deciduous azaleas, Yellow Cloud propagates very easily from cuttings. Even, so, plants will likely be scarce for a few years until adequate supplies become available.