JARS v38n4 - In Memoriam: Dr. Henry R. Schroeder

In Memoriam: Dr. Henry R. Schroeder
Lloyd Hahn

Dr. Henry R. Schroeder, Jr. lost his life in a tragic tractor accident at his Holly Hills Nursery August 30, 1984.

Dr. Schroeder had made hundreds of crosses in his diligent search to develop a rhododendron that would withstand the harsh weather of the Midwest.

He has been an active participant in ARS. He was serving his second term on the Board of Directors, was the largest contributor to the Seed Exchange for the last several years and was presented the Bronze Medal for his work with rhododendrons for the Indiana Chapter of which he is a past president.

He has been past president of the Great Rivers Chapter of the Holly Society of America; and also organized and served as first president of the Tri-State Azalea Chapter of the Azalea Society.

His untimely death at 61 will not permit him to see the results of his efforts but thousands of rhododendron fanciers may be able to enjoy his legacy.

The family has requested that memorial contributions be made to the American Rhododendron Society.