JARS v38n4 - Presentation of Grant Check to Dr. Kitty Heslin

Presentation of Grant Check to Dr. Kitty Heslin
Dr. August Kehr, Hendersonville, N.C.

Check presentation to Dr. K. Heslin
In the photograph left to right are Dr. Gerry Douglas,
Dr. Kitty Heslin, and Dr. David Robinson
Director of the Kinsealy Research Centre.

A check for $2,000 is shown being presented to Dr. Kitty Heslin of the Kinsealy Research Centre in Dublin, Ireland. These funds will support research on developing techniques for incorporating mycorrhizae into the roots of tissue cultured plants of rhododendrons. Mycorrhizal fungi on the roots of these plants aid in the growth and good health of rhododendrons, and probably protect them from root diseases such as root rot. If a means can be found to have these desirable fungi growing in tissue cultured plants, it will be a wonderful breakthrough in rhododendron culture because more and more of our plants are being developed by tissue culture methods. Hence the tissue cultured plants would be received by the home owner with these mycorrhizal fungi already incorporated in their roots to give the plants a good start.