JARS v38n4 - In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Joseph A. Witt 1920-1984
Joseph A. Witt, Professor of Urban Horticulture at the University of Washington and Curator of Plant Collections at the Center's Washington Park Arboretum, died May 7 after an extended illness. Witt, who was associated with the Arboretum for more than thirty years, was an expert on the horticultural flora of the Pacific Northwest and was renowned for his teaching of plant materials, both to University students and to the thousands of horticulturists who came to the Arboretum during his tenure.

William S. Thomson 1896-1984
Bill was a well known collector and grower of fine rhododendrons and azaleas. His love affair with these plants spanned well over 30 years. His enthusiasm and appreciation of Nature's wonders infected many. We, his friends, join his family in their profound sorrow over the loss of this remarkable individual.

Harry E. Spangler 1911-1983
Harry loved his Rhododendron Garden and shared it with many friends. He enjoyed propagating and with his wife Leas had many plans for future plantings. We of The Grays Harbor Chapter feel the loss of a dedicated member.