JARS v39n1 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Fred S. Winter, M.D. and Barbara Winter
During Dr. Winter's two-year terms as President of the Chapter, membership showed a healthy growth and programs were vastly improved. Fred's constant encouragement of member participation in meetings, flower shows, plant exchanges, and garden tours has helped make membership in the chapter a very pleasant experience. His sharing of plant material, his wide horticultural interest and accomplishments and his enthusiasm for rhododendrons and azaleas are appreciated by all. He has had the full cooperation and support of his lovely wife, Barbara. Each year they open their gardens and home to the membership for the summer meeting and picnic. At "Company Farm" we find a gorgeous landscape where hundreds of rhododendrons and azaleas grow in harmony with many species and varieties of other genera. We are also greatly indebted to Barbara for her outstanding leadership in the publication of "A Guide for the Hungry Gardener."

Patricia Walton
In recognition of her devoted services to the members and the society as president, as chairperson of plant exchanges, for committee work on flower shows and for her generous sharing of seeds, pollen, plants and academic knowledge.

Walter W. Hill, Sr.
Bill Whitney described you as "that nice young fellow who will continue some of our work on the other side of the Canal", and when we searched out "that nice young fellow" we found you, our very own gentle, kindly Squire of Woodpecker Hill. In recognition of the years you spent with Mr. Whitney and the years since devoted to continuing that work, resulting in the creation of so many beautiful, sturdy plants which you have shared so generously with all of us; and as an expression of our respect and deep affection, we present to you this bronze medal.

Albert Hartman
In recognition of his many years of service to our chapter as President, Director, judge & worker in chapter shows, committeeman, avid supporter of our auctions, generous host of many local meetings & organizer, persevering chairman of our Wooster Test Garden.

James E. Cross
In recognition of his abundant knowledge of horticulture, his invaluable assistance in our educational exhibits and of his dedication to the propagation of choice flowering plants for the beautification of our environment.