JARS v39n3 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

William F. Bedwell
In recognition of your many services as a member and leader in which your dedication, selflessness, and thoroughness have set new standards of excellence. Your ability to plan and stage meetings; your leadership in fostering and in directing our plant ratings program; and your success in growing and exhibiting Rhododendrons and Azaleas; all of which has contributed significantly to the success of this chapter. For these outstanding contributions we gratefully present this award.

Terry Scheuchenko
In recognition of her contribution of her time and talent as artist and calligrapher for many chapter projects; for her service on the board of directors; for her work as meeting organizer; for her work as publicity chairman, notifying newspapers throughout the area of M.A.C. activities; for her work as a member of the flower show committee; for donating plants to the M.A.C, for continuing the work of the Plants for Members Program by acting as chairman and propagator; and for her long-term energetic promotion of the genus Rhododendron. This chapter is pleased to show its gratitude by presenting this award to this faithful and hardworking member.

Carolyn & Gied Stroombeek
At the May 25, 1985 meeting of the Great Lakes Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society the Bronze medal was awarded to Carolyn and Gied Stroombeek. In recognition of your many years of service to our chapter in numerous positions, contributors to our plant auctions, and in grateful appreciation for your dedication in carrying out the Tony Shammarello bequest by organizing the dig, transporting, "baby sitting" and successfully selling the plants.

Ned Brockenbrough
For your many contributions to the Seattle Chapter, Western Region, and the National Administration, the Society acknowledges you. Your leadership and dedication along with your intuitive advancements in quality hybrids of the genus Rhododendron will always be remembered and appreciated.

Mae Granston
For your years of generous sharing of seed, cuttings, and plant material from your garden and your extensive collection of native species Azaleas. Your pioneering efforts in developing a Study Group on the genus Rhododendron; your active participation in shows, particularly in establishing a display and awards category for plants grown from A.R.S. seed.

June Sinclair
For your cheerful and helpful participation in the activities of the Seattle Chapter; in all aspects of our Shows from judging and clerking, to arranging banquets. Your assistance in coordinating Research projects for the A.R.S. and your generous sharing of plant material have demonstrated your special place of honor in the Chapter.

Ed Bancroft
For your years of professional financial guidance as Treasurer, Financial Steering Committee participation for the Meerkerk Gardens and the Chapter; your unselfish generosity of time and participation on the Board of Directors and Show Host; and your perseverance and leadership in the formation of an active Photographic Group have now been justly honored.

Dave Bledsoe
In memory of Dave's active, but far too short, years as Past President of the Chapter of 4 years, Study Club Chairman, Show judge and committee participation, Board member, photographer, hybridizer, and audiovisual specialist for the monthly Chapter meeting. The Society pays special tribute to his teaching ability in furthering knowledge of the genus Rhododendron. His presence has been missed, but his memory and spirit lives on within the Chapter.

Mrs. Virginia "Tim" Craig
Mrs. Virginia "Tim" Craig was awarded the Bronze Medal by the Massachusetts Chapter at its annual meeting for many reasons. She provides outstanding support for all Chapter activities, has been Corresponding Secretary and serves on the Executive Board. "Tim" provides leadership on the Plants-for-Members and the National Convention Planning Committees; she has been an ambassador of goodwill at regional and national meetings and with rhododendron enthusiasts everywhere. A loyal and enthusiastic supporter of the Chapter, "Tim" Craig is always ready to lend a helping hand or sage advice to those who need it.

Mildred Connelly
For more than a dozen years she skillfully edited, produced and distributed The Rhody Runner, bringing us information about our Chapter, our people and our genus. With her husband Earl, she annually contributed a trophy (now a perpetual one) for our Spring Flower Show for the best R. fortunei hybrid. From the earliest days of the Tualatin Valley Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society Mildred Connelly has been a bronze medal inspiration to us all. The Chapter is proud to honor her with the medal, May 18, 1985.

Ed C. Egan
In appreciation of his work for the American Rhododendron Society, both on the national and local level, being a life member of the Portland Chapter and a full member of the Tualatin Chapter; for his leadership of study groups in photography for the Portland Chapter; for his active involvement on the Smith Garden Committee now serving as Chairman of the Propagating Committee; for his years of exceptional service as Editor of the Quarterly Bulletin now converted to the Journal of the American Rhododendron Society; and for his genuine friendliness; this chapter is pleased to give its highest honor and recognition to Ed C. Egan.

Fran Egan
In appreciation of many active years of membership in the American Rhododendron Society, being a life member of the Portland Chapter and a full member of the Tualatin Chapter; for her years of outstanding service as National Secretary of the American Rhododendron Society, the duties of National Secretary being too numerous to mention; for her efforts as a present member of the long range planning committee for the Smith Garden, taking care of many details; and for her graciousness and friendliness to everyone; this Chapter is pleased to present its highest honor and recognition to Fran Egan.