JARS v39n3 - New Editor and Executive Secretary

New Editor and Executive Secretary
Ed and Fran Egan, Tigard, OR

Effective August 1, 1985, we will retire to our three acres that badly need weeding, mowing, and general rejuvenating. We also hope to travel more, both in this country and abroad. We will miss the hundreds of friends we've made during our years in these positions and the marvelous times we've enjoyed at national and regional meetings on both coasts. We will, of course, continue our activities in the Society, but mostly at the local level.

Mrs. Paula L. Cash was elected by the Board of Directors to assume the duties of Executive Secretary on August 1. Paula graduated from Emanuel Hospital School of Nursing in 1985 and received her B.A. from Linfield College in 1981. Her most dependable volunteer work in many capacities for the Portland Chapter ARS, as well as her business and professional experience, gives her an excellent background to fill this position.

The new editor will be Adele Jones, a professional writer who has published two books. In the process she established her own publishing company, so is well qualified to edit the Journal. Adele and her husband Joe are active in the Portland Chapter ARS and are also active rhododendron growers and collectors of both species and hybrids. Adele graduated from Stanford University in 1960, and is presently Chairman of the Cecil and Molly Smith Garden Committee.

Adele will appreciate the same kind of generous response to requests for articles that I have always received from each person I contacted.

I especially wish to thank all the members of the Board of Directors, over the period of nearly 8 years, for their tremendous support of all that I requested in expanding first the Bulletin and more recently the larger format Journal.

Our work has been made a wonderful and more effective experience by the generous help and encouragement from many of you. We know you will extend this same generosity to Adele and Paula.