JARS v39n3 - An Award of Gratitude to Fran and Ed Egan

An Award of Gratitude to Fran and Ed Egan

This special award comes as an expression of much appreciation from the American Rhododendron Society members to Fran and Ed Egan for the outstanding work they have carried out for the Society. Through their loyalty and dedication they have enriched our lives with their valued service.

Ed has been our Society Editor for seven years implementing improvements to our Quarterly with a new format resulting in reduced costs and a more flexible use of color. The ARS Journal now stands out among the publications in the horticultural field.

Fran has served as our Executive Secretary for five years nurturing the chapters and the Board by encouraging stronger communications and greater cooperation. She also has achieved for us a computerized membership system which greatly facilitates our business methods.

With these two we have a team unsurpassed. We thank them both.

The American Rhododendron Society

Janet Binford, President

Bellevue, Washington May 4, 1985