JARS v39n3 - Fifth Western Regional Rhododendron Conference

Fifth Western Regional Rhododendron Conference

Harold Greer, Eugene, OR

The Fifth Western Regional Rhododendron Conference is for everyone. It's designed to be a vacation conference where you can bring the family. This is one conference the "rhodoholic" won't have to worry about the family not wanting to come along, because there is a lot for the rest of the family to do while you are attending the conference...and the conference is set at a pace so you will have time to rest and enjoy the delightful Oregon coast too!

The conference is planned with practicality in mind, it's NOT just a group of "dry" speakers; it IS informative, with topics and speakers chosen to educate and entertain you no matter what your level of gardening knowledge. Is your specialty evergreen or deciduous azaleas, or how about companion plants for rhododendrons? What about hybrid or species rhododendrons? They're all covered in programs that are bound to delight you!

Who are a few of the fine speakers you will have the privilege of hearing and meeting? How about Fred Galle, former director of Callaway Gardens in Georgia? He is an author, lecturer and recipient of the highest horticultural awards. His long awaited book on azaleas will be introduced at the conference. This delightful book which is full of color pictures will be the most complete work ever written on azaleas. Fred will be there to autograph it and tell us more about the best of the evergreen azaleas! How about Peter Barber from Exbury Gardens in England, co-author of the books "The Rothschild Rhododendrons" and "Ornamental Trees and Shrubs"? He is a long experienced gardener and lecturer. How about Richard Jaynes author of "The Laurel Book" who has spent years at the University of Connecticut studying and developing the finest Kalmia on the market today? Then there are more great speakers from the best, most knowledgeable people in the rhododendron world; you won't want to miss a single program!

Also featured will be seminars inviting participation from the audience on fertilizing, watering, weed and insect control, winter protection, garden structures, and more. This is your chance to get some valuable knowledge! Saturday night there will be a relaxing multiple screen sight and sound presentation titled "Grand Rhododendrons," a presentation that will thrill you and educate you about the best in the genus Rhododendron!

And you don't have to spend a fortune at the conference; the registration fee and meals are very reasonable. But the best in luxury is available with accommodations like the new Shilo Inn which will be the headquarters hotel for the conference. A wide variety of other choices in accommodations are available such as luxurious condominiums, economy motels or beautiful camp grounds for your RV or tent. The choice is yours.

This isn't just for western ARS members and we issue a special invitation to non members and our eastern ARS friends to join us. Remember, what could be more delightful than the magnificent Oregon coast in September, that's the time of the year known for the best weather!

Make your plans now for September 27, 28 and 29th. You'll be glad you did, it will be a vacation you will long remember.