JARS v41n4 - President's Column - Let's Grow!

President's Column - Let's Grow!
Harold E. Greer
Eugene, Oregon

As the President of the American Rhododendron Society, I wish to compliment and thank all of you who have worked long and hard to make rhododendrons a popular and well known plant, something we all enjoy. Now, we need to do more to stimulate interest and growth in the society. While our membership is nearing a record of 6000, we should establish a goal of more than 10,000 members by 1991.

How will we meet this goal? First, by all of us increasing our enthusiasm for the fabulous rhododendrons and azaleas we love. We know these plants are superior, but have we conveyed this to our friends? I ask and challenge you to do something for yourself, your friends, and the ARS which you will find extremely rewarding, that being a gift of at least one membership in the society to someone you know. Remember, Christmas or birthdays are excellent occasions to give a gift membership. Start an evangelistic fervor by spreading the news about the king of plants that you are so fortunate to enjoy. Give a rhododendron or azalea to a friend, you will find it a long lasting, rewarding gift.

I also ask you to write me with any ideas or thoughts you might have to make the ARS even greater and of more service to you. It is a great pleasure to be able to serve you as President of the ARS. Now let's get together and make it grow!