JARS v42n1 - Fraser Valley Chapter, Welcome!

Fraser Valley Chapter, Welcome!
Paula L. Cash, Executive Secretary

Members of the Vancouver Chapter of the ARS, living in the Maple Ridge community in the North Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada, had heard it said, "I would like to belong to the Rhododendron Society but I do not want to drive all the way into Vancouver for meetings." Although just thirty miles away, the traffic density had made attending meetings a problem for some.

These intrepid members of the Vancouver Chapter organized their own Fraser Valley Chapter and have added many new members to their group. Organizing members are: President, Garth Wedemire; Vice President, Ted Ladd; Secretary, Ken Ladd; Treasurer, Linda Downes; Directors, Shirley Lyster, Don Martyn, and Gerald Heriot. Leadership was provided for the chapter by Harold Johnson, ARS District Director and member Gus Brett. Four meetings have been held by the Fraser Valley Chapter in 1987. Recent meetings have averaged over forty members in attendance.

The ARS Board of Directors voted to welcome the Fraser Valley Chapter into the ARS at the East Brunswick, New Jersey, Board of Directors Meeting, November 6, 1987.