JARS 42n3 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Edith Davis
The Azalea Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society presents its highest award, the Bronze Medal to Edith Davis, in appreciation for her vital and dedicated service to the Chapter as its secretary since 1982 and as Newsletter Editor since June, 1985. For her many invaluable contributions to the planning and execution of the chapter's various projects and events. Her wise and practical counsel and her willingness to accept cheerfully and to complete promptly any obligation or task, no matter how large or small, contribute immeasurably to the continued growth of the Chapter and to the improved quality of its service to the membership.

Ben W. Sims
The Azalea Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society presents its highest award, the Bronze Medal to Ben W. Sims, in appreciation for his outstanding service since 1986 as Chairman of the Frank A. Smith Garden at the Atlanta Historical Society. He has given unstintingly of his time and his knowledge and has contributed generously of his personal finances in order to see the garden completed. His creative vision, his singular dedication, and his purposeful planning have succeeded in creating a delightful reality out of a nebulous vision. Without his extraordinary efforts, the dream might never have taken form at all; certainly, it would never have attained its present exquisite embodiment.

Clifford E. Desch
The Rhododendron Society of Connecticut is honored to present the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society to Clifford E. Desch for his many outstanding contributions to the Chapter. Cliff has served as President, Secretary, Program Chairman and Book Chairman. He maintains an exceptional garden where he has collected many hardy species of rhododendrons. He has traveled widely in his search for the genus Rhododendron . He has been generous in sharing his experiences through programs at Chapter meetings, and in distributing seeds collected during his travels. Cliff is a parasitologist who teaches at the Hartford Branch of the University of Connecticut. He has used his skills in studying the microscopic anatomy of rhododendron foliage. The Chapter is fortunate to have Cliff as a member, and wishes to thank him for his efforts. Presented April 15, 1988.

Everett Hall
For long time service to the chapter and the genus Rhododendron , the Eugene Chapter awards the Bronze Medal to Everett Hall. You have provided capable and good humored advice as board member and leadership as chapter President. Your interest in and intense study of rhododendrons has led us all to rely upon your knowledge in the important tasks of classification. You are indeed a Chief. Presented April 9, 1988.

Stanley Hall
The Eugene Chapter is proud to present the Bronze Medal to Stanley Hall in acknowledgment of his many contributions to the genus and our membership. Your garden and nursery, available to all, evidences the many returns of your expert propagation. You have utilized your skills as a teacher in leading the study group to greater understanding of the species. As chapter President, you have met those responsibilities while at the same time establishing a sound basis for a successful National Convention. Presented April 9, 1988.

Nora and Winston Hanke
In grateful recognition of their many talents, the Eugene Chapter awards the Bronze Medal to a talented pair, Nora and Winston Hanke. For those special plants at our sales, for artistic talents such as those seen in the decorations for the 1987 National Convention, for thoughtful service on our Board, for dedicated participation as members in the fullest sense; for all this and more, we salute you. Presented April 9, 1988.

Adelia Wojniak
In recognition of long and faithful service, the Eugene Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society awards the Bronze Medal to Adelia Wojniak. A willing and conscientious worker, you have accomplished tasks beyond number for more than twenty years. In particular, your meticulous record keeping has served the chapter and members through several terms as both Secretary and Treasurer and in many aspects of our annual shows. Presented April 9, 1988.

Helen Myers
The Mason-Dixon Chapter proudly presents its highest award, the Bronze Medal to Helen Myers. Helen has set high standards for her own growing of rhododendrons, plus she encourages chapter members to grow better and learn more. She organized the Mason-Dixon Chapter and has served as President of the chapter as well as in almost every other office and committee. Her enthusiasm and dedication to rhododendrons inspire all people who know and work with her. Helen has that uncanny ability of making each person that she works with feel that they are important to the chapter and she supports them in what they do for the chapter and in the furtherance of rhododendron growing. Helen Myers is an asset to the Mason-Dixon Chapter. Presented March 10, 1988.

Charlie Dewey
If something is going to get done, someone has to have the idea to do it. Charlie, you were among the first to try and grow rhododendrons in Charlotte way back in the 1950's. For this we are truly grateful, as we often take for granted those pioneers who brave the unknown in doing things for the first time. By being successful, you were the catalyst that brought others together, leading to the founding of the Piedmont Chapter in 1968. Furthermore, you have contributed to the continuation of the chapter's success by being its President from 1983-1985. Always interested in people and their involvement with plants and nature, you have been a voice of optimism in all of your activities. Your early theories and writings on growing techniques for the Piedmont region paved the way for the rest of us to achieve greater success. Your desire to experiment has meant new ideas for those who have followed. Your enthusiasm, broad interest and willingness to try harder has been an inspiration to us all. We can never repay your efforts in bringing the beauty of the rhododendron flower to our region, but we can honor you for your vision. Presented this 7th day of May, 1988 by the Piedmont Chapter, ARS, at our annual flower show in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Donald S. Kellam, Jr.
In recognition and appreciation for your dedicated service and leadership as a charter member, Past President and Director of the Piedmont Chapter. You have shared your garden, your wealth of knowledge and plants with old and new members alike. You have given countless programs on your rhododendron travels both far and near. As a plant auctioneer you have no equal. The Piedmont Chapter, ARS, is honored to present its highest award, the Bronze Medal, to Donald S. Kellam, Jr., M.D., one of our most beloved members. Presented this 7th day of May, 1988 by the Piedmont Chapter, ARS, at our annual flower show in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dot Dunstan
In appreciation of her work as Co-Chairman of plant sales at the annual shows for several years. For the many items of interest she has contributed to the Rhododendron News Bulletin. For the leadership she has demonstrated as Chairman of the Crystal Springs Garden Committee. For her enthusiasm which has inspired others inside and outside the Chapter to assist and volunteer time and plant material for the development of the garden. The irrigation system, mapping and the enclosing fence are some of her realized goals. The Portland Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society gratefully presents its highest honor & recognition to Dot Dunstan, April 1988.

Robert J. Landregan
In recognition of the many hours of service that he has devoted to the Chapter by serving on the Board of Directors, being Show Chairman, Vice President and President. For his good humor and generosity. For being a hard working Host President during the National Convention. For his willingness over the years to help in every phase of Rhododendron Shows from judge selection to clean-up. For all these attributes the Portland Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society gratefully presents its highest honor and recognition to Robert J. Landregan, April 1988.

Jean A. Rhodes
To show our appreciation of your many years of dedicated service to the Society - your sharing of your knowledge of the genus Rhododendron , and your contribution to the office of Librarian, we present the Society's Bronze Medal, March 17, 1988.