JARS 42n3 - New Chapters

New Chapters
Paula Cash
Tigard, Oregon

Yamhill County Chapter Joins District Four
Yamhill County Chapter became the 59th ARS Chapter at the May 12, 1988 ARS Board of Directors' Meeting in Williamsburg, Virginia. The new chapter President, Mrs. Sue Greenlees, moved to McMinnville, Oregon from Reno, Nevada where she had successfully grown 100 rhododendron plants. In the more temperate climate of western Oregon, she found the Cecil and Molly Smith Rhododendron Garden nearby. With the interest and assistance of Paul Rauen, Oregon State Extension Agent, the desire for a local ARS chapter grew. Other officers include: Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. Joan Neschke and Director, Paul Rauen.

Lehigh Valley Chapter Added In Pennsylvania
Lehigh Valley Chapter was added to the growing number of ARS Chapters at the May 12,1988 ARS Board of Directors' Meeting in Williamsburg, Virginia. The Lehigh Valley is located in the extreme east-central part of Pennsylvania, just twelve miles from the New Jersey border. Located in the valley are three major cities; Allentown (population 115,000), Bethlehem (75,000) and Easton (35,000). The surrounding communities add another 500,000 residents to draw from for membership. The closest ARS chapter is the Valley Forge Chapter, forty miles to the south. Initial inquiry about the formation of the new chapter was made by John Sipos, who has been elected Secretary. Other officers include: President, Bruce Keyser; Vice President, Edward Rudd; Treasurer and Membership Chairman, Louis F. Seeds.