JARS 42n3 - Gold Medal Award: Dr. David Goheen

Gold Medal Award: Dr. David Goheen

David Goheen ARS gold medal
Dr. David L. Goheen receives the Gold Medal Award from
ARS President, Harold Greer, Williamsburg, Virginia, May 13, 1988.


In the world of rhododendrons, you have contributed quietly and unselfishly through the years as a hybridizer, explorer, collector, teacher, leader, author, speaker, photographer, show judge and friend. Your accomplishments at the chapter, regional, national and international levels have significantly extended the horizons of rhododendrons throughout the world. Your willingness to share yourself as a rhododendron person and your hours of time volunteered to rhododendrons have stimulated the interest of many and promoted the genus Rhododendron .

As an expression of the American Rhododendron Society's respect and appreciation for these many contributions, it is a pleasure to present the Society's highest honor and recognition, the Gold Medal Award, to you, Dr. David Goheen, on this thirteenth day of May 1988, Williamsburg, Virginia.