JARS 42n3 - In Memoriam: Gladys Swenson

In Memoriam: Gladys Swenson
Jack Olson, Eugene, Oregon

Gladys Swenson introduced me to the wonderful world of rhododendrons. She shared many hours talking with the people who visited her nursery in Eugene (Glady's Nursery). I learned from her how to take cuttings, how to transplant, but most of all, how to show flowers. Every spring would become a time of excitement for both of us. We would show flowers in Salem, Corvallis, Florence, as well as in Eugene. We had fun looking for winning trusses.

Being able to show her flowers was very important to her, but having a dear friend who gave so much of herself through rhododendrons was the gift she gave to me.

Some of Gladys and Willard Swenson's hybrids are, 'Sun Spray', 'Black Eye', 'Red Eye', and her famous 'Yakity-yak', which was named after her. I can't think of a better way to remember her than through her gift of flowers.