JARS 42n3 - In Memoriam: Bill Curtis

In Memoriam: Bill Curtis
Ted Van Veen
Portland, Oregon

Some people, like flowers, give pleasure just in being. Such was my friend, William J. Curtis, who passed away February 5, 1988 at the age of 87. Bill was not my friend exclusively, hundreds of others undoubtedly claim and cherish that honor. Being actively involved in numerous organizations provided the opportunities for him to become acquainted with many people.

I worked with him often in the affairs of the American Association of Nurserymen, Plant Propagators' Society, Northwest Horticultural Congress, Farwest Show and the Oregon Association of Nurserymen. Bill served on the board of the Portland Chapter, ARS, and was always willing to help when called upon. His wife, Christel, was Secretary of the American Rhododendron Society for many years.

Bill was our friend. We loved him and miss him.