JARS v43n4 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Theo C. Smid
The California Chapter, American Rhododendron Society, awards the Bronze Medal to Theo C. Smid for your many years' participation in our Chapter activities including your outstanding educational programs and materials, your valuable participation on the Chapter's board of directors, and most especially for your six years as Newsletter Editor. With deepest respect and appreciation we proudly present to you our highest Chapter Award, on this fifteenth day of June, one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine.

Karoline Laib
The California Chapter, American Rhododendron Society, awards the Bronze Medal to Karoline Laib for your faithful participation on its board of directors, your help in the two National Conventions hosted by this Chapter, your continual help with our annual flower shows during your thirty-five years as a Chapter member, your friendship and caring for our members, and especially for your eight years as its Treasurer. We proudly present this award to you with our love and gratitude on this fifteenth day of June, one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine.

Herman Gehnrich
We wish to honor someone who has become a sort of man for all seasons. He has been a member of the New York Chapter for fifteen years. During this time he has served as Board Member, Vice President and President, Program Chairman, Garden Tour Chairman and member of the Nominating Committee. He co-chaired the successful Northeast regional meeting and currently represents us as District Director alternate. We might expect him to rest on his laurels but he continues to serve again as Program Chairman and Chairman of the '92 National Convention.

It is our pleasure to present the Bronze Medal to Bud Gehnrich. The Citation reads: The New York Chapter, American Rhododendron Society, proudly presents its Bronze Medal to Herman Gehnrich in recognition of his fifteen years of service to the New York Chapter as President, Program Chairman and participant in all Chapter activities, as well as for his good natured manner and gracious hospitality. Awarded June 9, 1989.

Nat Hess
We are privileged to honor a man who has been a most enthusiastic rhododendron gardener, propagator and hybridizer. He was one of the founders of the Eastern Division of the ARS in 1949 and the New York Chapter in 1951. He served as chapter Secretary-Treasurer from 1951 to 1955, Vice President from 1955-1957 and President from 1957-1960.

Since then he has favored us with illustrated talks, winning flower show entries and tours of his exceptional garden, which never seems to be in final form. He continues to grow prize winning rhododendrons, landscaping his grounds with the fine touch of one who knows and loves rhododendrons. It is always a delight to greet Nat and Marge Hess at our meetings and to visit their garden.

We take great pleasure in presenting the Bronze Medal to Nat Hess. The citation reads: The New York Chapter, American Rhododendron Society, proudly presents its Bronze Medal to Nathaniel Hess in recognition of his participation in the forming of our Chapter, his long and devoted service in official capacities and his graciousness in sharing with us his experience and the beauty of his garden. Awarded June 9, 1989.

Alyce (Marty) McBrayer
For years you have been one of the "doers" of the Seattle Rhododendron Society - Hybridizer, Chairperson of numerous committees, Clerk, Judge, Speaker, active in the Seed Exchange, Convention organization, Species Study Group. Seattle Rhododendron Society shows would not seem complete without your presence and participation. We salute and thank you with this Bronze Medal, June 7, 1989.

Clint Smith
Though a relative newcomer to the ranks of rhodoholics, you have already "made a mark": active in developing the hybridizers' group and larger plant sales, Member S.R.S. Board of Directors, Chapter Vice-President, Show Chairman, generous gifts of plants, and repeat Chairman of R.S.F. annual sale to the public. Thank you for many and varied contributions. Bronze Medal Award, June 7, 1989.

Beulah Tanggard
Always there when a helping hand is needed, perennially present at the setting up and taking down of shows and whenever work is to be done, with or without pre-assigned work, ready to plunge into any task great or small, and always smiling, you are one who always makes a chairperson's assignment a pleasure. We thank you and honor you with this Bronze Medal, June7, 1989.

Judith Y. Young
Your concurrent interest in the Chinese language and rhododendrons has become an adventure for all who choose to join you. You have provided a valuable book about Chinese rhododendrons, mutual appreciation with Chinese rhododendron scientists, and access to previously closed areas of China and new rhododendron species from there. The Seattle Rhododendron Society salutes you with this Bronze Medal, June 7, 1989.

Lynn Watts
Thank you for serving the Seattle Rhododendron Society - as Secretary, Member of Board of Directors, Chairman of Early Competition, Judge, Clerk, Speaker, Contributor of numerous plants, and for being Chairman of the Species Study Club when it needs your support. We need more like you. Bronze Medal award, June 7, 1989.

Thurston Skei
The Siuslaw Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is honored to award the Bronze Medal to Thurston Skei for outstanding contributions - serving as Vice President, President, program chairman, show chairman and also serving at the District level. Through Thurston's association with people in the Rhododendron world, and the programs he has arranged, we have gained much knowledge and expertise. He has donated many plants and has shared his beautiful garden. We in the Chapter appreciate the time and support he has given us.

Margaret and Willard Thompson
In appreciation for their many years of devotion to the genus Rhododendron;

In recognition for their skill in hybridizing;

In gratitude for service to the Chapter, the plants donated for auctions and door prizes, the house and garden enjoyed for our picnics and the knowledge passed on to others,

the Siuslaw Chapter is pleased and honored to award these Bronze Medals to Margaret and Willard Thompson.