JARS v43n4 - President's Column

President's Column
Austin Kennell
Waynesboro, Virginia

As I meet more and more members of our Society, I become more amazed at its vigor. After all, we're almost a half-century old and could be excused for "acting our age". But the enthusiasm and vitality I encounter everywhere makes us just about the youngest old organization I've ever known.

A constant influx of new members with new ideas; new activities and programs; and the many new rhododendrons and azalea hybrids make membership in any of our Chapters an ever-changing and constantly rewarding experience. (And I've noticed that for some reason, the ARS attracts the nicest people!)

If you haven't already found it out, the secret to fully enjoying your ARS membership is to get involved - attend as many meetings as you can, talk to other members, ask questions, share your experiences and volunteer your services. That old saying that you get out of anything what you put into it doesn't apply to the ARS. Regardless of what or how much you put into your membership, you'll get a lot more in return. I guarantee it.

Probably the most frustrating thing about being President is the difficulty of really knowing what members want - or don't want; what they like - or don't like about the way things are done; what they think the Society should do - or not do. There's one simple solution to my problem and that is for you to tell me what's on your mind. Anytime you have a question, suggestion, or complaint, just write me or call me. I'd sure appreciate it.

And don't forget the One For Austin membership drive. All you have to do is to sign up just one new member.