JARS v44n3 - Addendum (Rhein Hybrids)

Addendum (Rhein Hybrids)
William Rhein
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Most of my hybridizing efforts have been focused upon producing a form of yellow elepidote rhododendron, hardy to our area. Thus I am including a list of my favorites (so far) that range from ivory to yellow. The plants are all hardy to -15 degrees F. and for full bloom -8 to -5 degrees F.

Carolines Find 'Scintillation' x 'Golden Star'
Jack-O-Lantern 'Donna Hargrove' x R. vernicosum Rock #18139
Golden Harvest 'Champagne' x ( R. discolor x 'Fabia')
Kittatinny 'Golden Star' x R. vernicosum Rock #18139
Bees Wax ( R. fortunei x R. vernicosum Rock #18139) x'Golden Star'
Starter ('Mars' x 'Catalgla') x 'Golden Star'
Golden Rush 'Champagne' x Golden Star'
Witches Butter R. vernicosum Rock #18139 x 'Golden Star'
Mindoro pink and white bi-colored, open pollinated 'Mary Belle' seedling x 'Golden Star'
Sylvan 'Barbara Hargrove' x R. vernicosum Rock #18139