JARS v44n3 - New York Chapter Plans Test Garden

New York Chapter Plans Test Garden
George Woodard
Westbury, New York

Thanks to the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Phipps, Jr., the New York Chapter, ARS, plans to establish a test garden in which recent rhododendron hybrids can be carefully evaluated, both for quality and suitability for the Northeast climate. The Phipps have offered a piece of land which previously held the seedling beds of Mr. Howard Phipps, Sr. An irrigation system is already in place and the exposure is full sun with some wind protection.

A committee has been named and has defined the purpose of the garden. Plants of a number of established hybridizers (for example; Leach, Delp, Hachmann, Lem, Greer, Lofthouse, Knippenberg, Pride) will be tested along with promising new hybrids from others. Plants must have a history of bloom and be considered worthy of commercial introduction before being accepted for testing. 'Janet Blair', 'Scintillation' and 'Roseum Elegans' will be planted as controls. Planting, fertilizing and maintenance will be the responsibility of the New York Chapter.

It should be emphasized that this is a test garden, not a display garden. Access must be strictly limited, but the committee plans to have the garden open to interested ARS members at least once a year and also during the 1992 ARS Convention. At other times access will be limited to those people maintaining and evaluating the plants.

The New York Chapter appeals to all ARS members to support this necessary and worthwhile project with donations of plants, suggestions and/or funds. The chapter has established a basic startup fund and set a goal to begin planting in September 1990.