JARS v46n1 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards


Frank and Dorthy Sterbeck

The members of the Juan de Fuca Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society take pleasure in recognizing one of the chapter's most involved couples, Frank and Dorthy Sterbeck.

Frank has served as president for almost half the time that the chapter has been in existence. One of Frank's most outstanding contributions to the Juan de Fuca Chapter has been his work in fostering relations with other American Rhododendron Society chapters in Canada and on the Olympic Peninsula. The garden tours that Frank has arranged have proved to be highlights of the year's activities. As past president he is currently serving as program chairman for a two year term. He is also filling a chairman's position in a sister chapter.

Dorthy has served two years as program chairman and has opened her home to activities relative to the chapter. She is an outstanding hostess. It is a pleasure just to know her.

Frank and Dorthy and their family have labored long hours to develop the show garden in conjunction with their retail/wholesale rhododendron business. They participate in regional and national meetings in the planning stages and by donating plant material. These donations have resulted in financial stability for the chapter.

They are generous with their time in sharing their enthusiasm for rhododendrons. This benefits the chapter and encourages beginners in the field.

To you, Frank and Dorthy, for your valuable and productive participation, the Juan de Fuca Chapter is honored to bestow on you its highest honor, the Bronze Medal of the Society.


Elmer Lapsley

In recognition of his talents as auctioneer which has made the MAC plant auction one of the favorite and most profitable events of our meetings. He and his wife, Lorraine, have developed their outstanding, very beautiful garden and influenced the use of azaleas and rhododendrons in many gardens in their area by inviting all to visit. We sincerely thank you for your substantial contribution to our chapter.


Ray and Karen Rhoads

Together you have provided outstanding service to the chapter for many years. Ray has served as director, vice president, president, chairman of chapter plant sales and study groups and is currently our treasurer.

Karen is a member of the board of directors and has been Ray's chief assistant, making it possible for him to take on so many chapter responsibilities. Karen has assumed responsibility for the care of numerous plants being grown for the chapter plant sale and has been the gracious hostess for many board meetings.

No other individuals in our chapter have given so freely and willingly of their time and talents for so long. It is with gratitude that the Board of Directors of the Pine Barrens Chapter awards the Bronze Medal to Ray and Karen Rhoads on the 12th day of October, 1991.


Howard R. Kline

You have given unselfishly and generously of your time and knowledge to this chapter: as a general member, member of the board, active participant in numerous committees, and as treasurer. But we value you not only for your unstinting support, dedication, and the high standards that you have set but appreciate and respect you also as a friend and mentor. You have shared with us quietly and graciously your plants as well as your expertise as eminently qualified plantsman, propagator, and hybridizer of our favorite genus, it is with extreme pleasure and gratitude that we present to you the highest chapter award, the Bronze Medal, on this day, November 15, 1991.

James D. Gears

You have been innovative and progressive as president and put your mark on every committee of which you were a part. You have been the guiding light and driving force behind our annual plant sale, which under your direction has grown in size and in scope for the benefit of the public, the genus Rhododendron, and numerous educational and promotional chapter activities. Your seemingly endless energy, enthusiasm, and unwavering dedication to this chapter is an inspiration to all of us. We admire you for your no nonsense and straightforward approach to matters and your quiet and steadfast support of your fellow members. It is with extreme pleasure and gratitude that we present to you today, November 15, 1991, the highest award a chapter can give you, the Bronze Medal.


Claire Bennett and Arthur Rempel

We present this Bronze Medal in recognition of the dedicated service you have given to the society. Your tireless work in community endeavours, in the annual show, and in educational projects, has done much to enhance the public image of the society. Your unselfish contributions, in particular your willingness to share your knowledge of rhododendrons, are deeply appreciated by your fellow members. Vancouver Rhododendron Society, ARS 1991.

Susan Baker

In thanks for your skill and care in designing so many first rate shows which displayed the genus Rhododendron to fullest advantage, the Vancouver Rhododendron Society is pleased to present this Bronze Medal. Vancouver Rhododendron Society, ARS April 1991.