JARS v46n1 - ARS Plant Awards, 1991

ARS Plant Awards, 1991

Superior Plant Award
'Scintillation', SPA, NE. A Dexter cross of unknown parentage which has become widely accepted and acclaimed particularly in the East. A plant of very good foliage, floriferousness and habit being generally wider than tall and close growing. Luminous pink 2½" flowers with a densely spotted blotch in the upper lobe and 15 flowers in a 6" truss. Disease and insect resistant and heat and sun tolerant. Minimum - maximum temperature tolerance of at least 15°F to 100°F. Quality rating 4/5. Nominated for SPA by New York Chapter.

Award of Excellence
'Queen Bee', AE, NW, ( R. yakushimanum x R. tsariense )Hybridizer: Warren Berg. Owner: June Sinclair. Plant habit rounded and compact about 7' wide by 6½' high in 21 years with beautiful, indumented wind and sun tolerant foliage, floriferous with compact trusses of a light pink. Quality rating 4/5. Olympic Peninsula Chapter.

Conditional Award
'Horizon Monarch', CA, NW, ('Nancy Evans' x 'Point Defiance') Hybridizer and Exhibitor: E.C. (Ned) Brockenbrough, M.D. Plant habit rounded 6' wide x 6' high after 10 years. Foliage elliptical 6¾" long x 2¾" wide. Ball truss of 15 openly funnel shaped flowers, 4" diameter x2¾" long with a 1" long calyx. Color: yellow RHS 100 to 10C, small flare 46B, calyx also 10C. Heavier than average texture. Quality rating 5/5. Seattle Chapter.

Eligibility List
'Gordon Jones' ('Sappho' x R. yakushimanum Exbury form) Hybridizer: Richard Murcott. Exhibitor: Werner Brack. New York Chapter.

'Masada' ['Vistoso' ( R. diaprepes x R. fortunei ) x 'Avalanche'] Hybridizer and Exhibitor: David M. Goheen. Portland Chapter.

'Horizon Dawn' ('Hotei' x 'Tropicana') x ( R. yakushimanum x 'Virginia Scott') x 'Alice Franklin' Hybridizer and Exhibitor: E.C. (Ned) Brockenbrough. Seattle Chapter.

Unnamed and unnumbered clone of ('Whopper' x 'Lem's Cameo', Clone E) x 'One Thousand Butterflies' Hybridizer and Exhibitor: E.C. (Ned) Brockenbrough. Seattle Chapter.

Unnamed and unnumbered clone of ('Nancy Evans' x 'Lem's Cameo') x 'Skipper' Hybridizer and Exhibitor: E.N. (Ned) Brockenbrough. Seattle Chapter.

Clone #5 ('Anna' x 'Purple Splendour') Hybridizer and Exhibitor: Elsie M. Watson. Seattle Chapter.