JARS v46n3 - Silver Medal Award: John C. (Jack) Cowles

Silver Medal Award: John C. (Jack) Cowles

Jack Cowles Silver Medal with wife Eveleth
Jack and Eveleth Cowles


In a relatively brief period 30 years ago, you selected and named a group of important overlooked Dexter hybrids, used them with superior rhododendrons from other sources to create an extraordinary body of unique hybrids on the former Dexter Estate. You continued with your wife Eveleth, also a graduate horticulturist, to provide significant guidance to members of the rapidly developing Massachusetts Chapter, to freely share your knowledge and skills, and to inspire many of your chapter members with your enthusiasm.

It is for these reasons that the American Rhododendron Society proudly awards you its Silver Medal on this 16th day of May, 1992.