JARS v46n3 - In Memoriam: Alfred Raustein

In Memoriam: Alfred Raustein
Andrew B. Eddy, Jr.
Deerfield Beach, Florida

Alfred Raustein of Long Island, N.Y., a naturalist, rhododendron hybridizer, propagator and nurseryman, passed away Feb. 22, 1992. Some found Alfred hard to know, but others who touched him found a caring and loving individual under a distant facade camouflaging his fear of a language barrier (he was born in Germany) and discrete shyness.

He was close to Guy Nearing (founder of the Nearing frame) and seeing the two men together in Guy's somewhat cloistered New Jersey garden retreat was an experience one never forgets, Alfred with his bits and pieces of note paper and Guy with his little book flipping back and forth to what was and what should have been.

There were so many others that graced the work taking place at Raustein's Mini Holbrook Arboretum. Seeds, pollen, information and greetings from Dr. Wada in Japan, Dr. Heft in Germany, Mr. and Mrs. Cox in Scotland, Ed Parker in Oregon, Lucy at Boovees. Sharing of cuttings and plants from Jim Cross, Shamarello, Joe Gable, Betty Hager, Doris Royce, Sid Burns, Dr. and Mrs. Wister, Dr. Creech, etc. He was especially proud of Martha Prince and her artistic contributions to Bayard Arboretum native azalea booklet.